Looking forward to tomorrow with some because I have a long day ahead and need something nice to think about.

1 - What's the longest fanfic you've ever read?

2 - The shortest?

3 - What fanfic have you re-read the most times?

4 - If you *had* to, what fanfic do you think you could write on the spot right now?

"4 - If you *had* to, what fanfic do you think you could write on the spot right now?"

Magic: the Gathering - Planeswalker high school AU 😆

My partner and I recently got back into playing, I was not actually aware M:tG *had* an actual story, but now I just find the planeswalkers adorable and faascinating. Have a few decks planned that remind me of The Breakfast Club and it has me thinking "eh, yeah, I could definitely write that."

Almost certainly won't, though.

@zephasaurus_hex Oh, you haven't heard me gush about Ravnica or Innistrad enough? :D

But yes, very very long story with lots of people and places. Here's an informative 6 minute video that starts at the beginning: (including the origin of Karn, mtg's second saddest robot)

@zephasaurus_hex I was even hoping to start a D&D campaign set during the Dark Ascension storyline someday: (horror themes, blood)

@Mycroft I really do not have the energy for that right now but will definitely check it out later, thanks!

I love Innistrad so much. I missed a lot in the time I wasn't playing. I always thought M:tG was about math and strategy and I have so little interest in that.


I'm hoping to come back to the first 3, because I'm drawing a blank, but for 4, I've been thinking of BoxCar Children lately (which I've never read) and how you've got these ageless children going from like, the 1920's or 40's or something to the modern day, talking without contractions and somehow solving boring mysteries. Also the youngest is forever illiterate.

I want to explain it. They're either robots or vampires or something.

@lapis I love the "which I've never read," particularly because I'm also only a little familiar with the one I said I could write.

And now I want to find a whole bunch of fanfic written by people who have never read/watched the thing they're writing.

Also I had no idea Boxcar Children was that old. I read that (and Bobbsey Twins, I always mix up those two) when I was about 6 and never again.

@zephasaurus_hex My understanding is that the first book was written that long ago, and then they revived it several decades later, and then just kept the... ugh... "train" going.

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