not all for today but for anyone to do whenever. Sometimes I want to talk in the tag but don't have any fics to share so figured this would help.

When did you start reading fanfic and what sorts of fics (fandom, style, whatever) did you read back then?

Have you ever written any?

What sorts of fic do you read now?

Do you ever read fic for fandoms you don't actually follow?

What do you like about fanfic?


Just answering some of my own BookPrompts for this week.

When did you start reading fanfic?

My junior year of high school, I think. That's when I found out about the internet and started sneaking onto it when my parents weren't home. And pretty much all I ever did on it was read fanfic and look at fanart. For a couple hours a day. There was just so much!


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What sorts of fic did you read then?

Lots of just general slice of life things about groups I wanted to be in. So much X-Men: Evolution. So. Much. Also Animorphs and Harry Potter and lots of Clamp stuff (Clover, Magic Knight Rayearth, Card Captor Sakura).

There was some shipping, all gay, but mostly I just liked really fluffy group friendship scenes, with everyone especially in the villain groups just hanging out watching cartoons or something. So cute.


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