Problematic time!

I had this up for like 5 minutes last week with the "haven't watched the movie" disclaimer but then I remembered *why* I hadn't watched the movie and thought I should look up why it's transphobic and re-evaluate.

So I'll share the link again but this time in a thread with extended commentary. 1/?

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Title: This Love is an Asylum
Author: amoralagent
Fandom: Hannibal/Silence of the Lambs

CW: show-typical violence, movie-typical misgendering, Frederick Chilton hate (listen that's really hard for me I kind of love him)

Summary: Will and Hannibal are married post season 3 and Will's adopted Hannibal's hobbies. One day they purposely get themselves caught and now they live in Hannibal's cell together and Clarice visits them for help on a case.

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misgendering, silence of the lambs 


I've never watched SotL because I'd heard it referenced as an example of extreme transphobia, but never actually looked into it.

So when I was reading this fic I didn't recognize all the misgendering. Its author seems to take the book/movie view that Gumb isn't actually trans.

Gumb's never actually in the story and really not the point. So there's no trans women as monsters tropes, at least.

But worth noting.

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