What do you read when you don't actually have any time or energy left for fun but still want to read *something*?

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Answering my own "reading when you don't have the spoons to read" :

Fanfic, I guess? You'd think comics, with how much I love them and the fact that they actually come in small monthly installments, but it actually takes more out of me to process images than words so they're often the first to go when I'm too tired or stressed.

But I can usually find some fanfic that's entertaining, reasonably well-written, and light enough not to require much from me.

@zephasaurus_hex my mastodon feed, honestly. Or tumblr, if mastodon runs out

@zephasaurus_hex I'm still trying to figure out the answer to this question, but maybe webcomics, since most of them you get in like, one page snippets if you read them as they update?

I'm trying to find a way to read text in smaller snippets. The problem is stopping points.

@lapis I'm so bad at webcomics. On busy days I forget to check the website and then one day I realize I'm way behind and now I have to budget basically a book's worth of time to catch up so I don't even want to go near it and then it builds up *more* and oh boy.

I should just pick like one at a time and leave it open on a browser, maybe. Not have to catch up on *all* of it at once. That could work.

@zephasaurus_hex You have a couple choices I think. I moved to RSS readers that I check every day. But I used to use this firefox (might be for other browsers too) extension that someone finally made compatible with modern FF, called morning coffee, that lets you open websites depending on the day of the week. So if you know what days it updates) you can click it to open it.

Some of mine update late in the day, so that's part of why I switched to RSS.

@zephasaurus_hex Also the RSS one is great if a comic goes on hiatus (and actually will come back). One of mine went on hiatus for 2018 sucking for multiple reasons and just came back . ๐Ÿ˜ I love that one so much I got it in book form.

@zephasaurus_hex Sorry. I realized this was unsolicited advice. I hope you don't mind.

@lapis No worries, I don't mind.

I have an app on my phone that lets me subscribe to a bunch and saves my place in them. I just don't often remember to check it...and then when I get back to it I feel like I should read it all. Especially if I see others talking about it, I want to read with everyone else!

That's the impulse I'm fighting. If it was just open on the browser, my thinking is I might just click over to it without having to deal with the mental "sooo much!!" block.

@zephasaurus_hex that makes sense. I hope you find a way that works for you.

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