My co-host was awesome and agreed to record our podcast episode early this week since I was going to be traveling.

In spite of that, I *still* haven't finished editing it because I've been too busy but also the internet here kind of sucks and I don't think I'm going to be able to upload it until like Sunday so.....

I feel like a jerk kind of but I can't work magic and also on the other hand I get to enjoy family time instead of stressing to get it finished "on time."

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@zephasaurus_hex How much editing work do you intend to put into podcasting? I tried very minimal.

I start with 10 seconds of dead air, and used that as a sample for noise reduction. Then compression? I think? Whatever it's called to normalize audio levels. Truncate silence, then clip out any major goof-ups, add intro/outro if applicable, and post.

@Mycroft I do quite a bit. For example, I have a weird wheezy laugh that's painful to my ears, so I'll cut that when it goes too long. Occasionally I have to cut the sound on one of our tracks so the other can be heard. And the last couple of times the recordings have been out of sync so I have to listen for when it doesn't make sense and then re-align them.

It typically works out to about 2-3 editing hours for every 1 hour of recorded content. So about 5-7 for this one probably.

@zephasaurus_hex Ouch. If that's what you gotta do for quality. Wow.

@Mycroft *shrug* Well, I enjoy pretty much the whole process at least, so that works out. If I didn't, I'd probably go for a simpler less-complete edit or just stop doing it.

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