Week 1 - New books/genres you want to read in 2019? New reading practices?

Week 2 - Good books about new beginnings or transitions?

Week 3 - A book that makes you hopeful about the future.

Week 4 - Go to page 20 of a book you're reading. Count down to the 19th sentence (move to the next page if necessary). What is that sentence?

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Week 1 (a little late): New genre/book goals or reading practices for 2019

Thanks to Grady Hendrix I kind of want to read more horror. Like maybe if I just come across some of the books in Paperbacks from Hell out in the wild I'll check them out. And then I have an actual set goal of reading more non-fiction and more queer books.

But the biggest change is that I'm gonna try to keep a paper journal to record my progress and thoughts on books.

Week 1- New books/genres. I think I may try for more nonfiction, (but combining with school makes me worried I'll get sick of it).
Reading practices: I'm gonna try to record my books being finished in my the day it happens, since the problem with the book diary (though I love it) is I don't bring it out every day, so it's like "when did I read this?"
But while I know some people recommend reviewing ASAP, I'd rather collect my feelings on the book first. Takes time.

Week 2- You basically just asked for YA books ๐Ÿ˜
The Beast Player - Nahoko Uehashi (it's translated too! READ IT!)
I think I can count the Seraphina Duology.
Tortall is basically Transition.txt
Little & Lion
idk The Giver? I have a soft spot for it.

I'll stop here.

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