I'm 3 books from my goal for the year. Woo!

Plan for today is to take it easy, maybe quick read through three graphic novels I've been meaning to get to for months, so that goal is done and anything else I read for the rest of the month is just nice no-pressure-to-finish read-what-i-want times.

That sounds *so* nice.

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Semi-related, I finally read Molly Ostertag's "The Witch Boy" over the past couple of days.

Soooooo good.

And I just started the sequel...and am about 1/3 through it. Possibly my only "complaint" about these books is that they're too short (I mean, normal length but it goes so fast) and I want MORE.

@Mycroft Good! I've read through everything except Circles, and that's one of the books on my list for today. :)

The short funnies were not really my thing but interesting to see. I really liked True Hue and tried to see if there was more of it but didn't have much luck. (I *was* just looking on my phone before bed, though. So I'll look again now I'm thinking of it.)

And I've got a lot of extra resealable comic bags so I've been transferring them as I read. Did you want the old ones back?

@zephasaurus_hex Looks like the artist/author of True Hue was Diana Sprinkle, who I had confused with Daria McGrain or Miu. has some links, mostly old. Looks like she's involved with other comics, like Seiko and Lavender

If you're so kind as to provide better bags, no need to keep the old ones.

@zephasaurus_hex Also, the final book of Circles showed up a while ago, but I've held on to it, waiting to get my comics back so I can reread them first before I tackle the final 5 issues. No rush. You'll have to let me know if you like the series enough to borrow it (after I'm done).

@Mycroft Oooh, ok. I'll definitely have them for you by the next time we meet up.

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