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RIP Joaquin. I already miss you more than 90% of the cast we lost so far. πŸ’œ

Jughead, is there seriously *no one else* in a suit you can think of? Because I've got like 5 off the top of my head, don't let your vendetta get in the way of sense. Joaquin definitely would have just called Hiram by his name, sheesh. Also you already knew they were meaning, that doesn't mean he's GK.

It's definitely not Hiram. Obviously.


riverdale, spoilers through ch 41, speculation, rambling 

Hey, who are some other dudes in suits I can think of in this show off the top of my head?

- Clifford/Claudius. Someone Jaoquin would know *of* and know Jughead knows but not necessarily know the name of and probably not know Clifford was dead and they were different people? 'Cause he skipped town and then was in jail.

- Like literally any business associate of the Lodges or Blossoms. And everyone in this town knows everyone.


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riverdale, spoilers through ch 41, speculation, rambling 

- Weatherbee? πŸ˜† I am like 99% it's not Weatherbee but you never know.

- Arthur. I'm not sure Joaquin *or* Jughead would know him, I'd have to do a lot of rewatching. But otherwise he's my favorite candidate, because it means GK is

I think the show's setting up Penelope too obviously and it's probably not her, Hermione seems a much more likely choice.

FP is also starting to give me a guilty vibe, but I QUIT if it's him.


riverdale, spoilers through ch 41, speculation, rambling 

Reasons It's Definitely Hermione

- All this stuff Jug mentions started when she came back to town.

- She lost the most of everyone in that game and has the most reason to want it back.

- Soooo sick of Veronica and Hiram's Archie obsession, it would definitely make sense for her to get him out of the way, and she probably wouldn't care which group won, he's either dead or on the run and either way not in her hair anymore.


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- The evidence w/the symbol were on her computer. In her office. On the desktop. With an obvious G&G symbol. Not even a little bit hidden. Listen, Lodges. You guys are *bad at being criminals*. Just retire.

- The Arthur thing. *shrug* It wouldn't be the first time the show sort of led you to assume she was just a pawn and really she's the one pulling the strings, whether it's Arthur or some other random dude in a suit.


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Ok so there's my GK speculation for the moment. Next up, the attack on Betty's house!

Definitely not GK related in any way. Uh-uh. That was something FP and Alice cooked up to justify sending Betty away and getting out of town themselves.

I would like to think FP is better than that, but he did handcuff Jughead to a fridge this episode, so. Reason has left the building. These grown-ups are getting desperate.

Ok I think I'm done.


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riverdale, spoilers through ch 41, speculation, rambling 

No wait I'm back because I just re-read my comment about the computer and realized OF COURSE it was out there in the open because it's a TRAP good job Ronnie wow.

Can't decide if that means McCoy is still playing or not.


Also I forgot to mention earlier that Hiram's "I'm not GK. Because that's not a thing." was HILARIOUS but also like really bad deflecting. Almost like he's not even trying. HMMMMMMMMM.

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