My ebook wishlist is looooooooong. But then also I looked at the "to-be-read" shelf behind me in my office and it is *full*.


So many books, how will I ever get to them all?

I decided I'm limiting myself to 10 new books next year tops. Slightly less than 1 a month, should be doable.

Gonna focus on reading what I've got first.

I was gonna say no new books, but I know that won't work.

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@alper I keep trying to add a bit, Goodreads' challenge has helped with that. 48 this year, Probably going to set it to 50 next year.

@zephasaurus_hex If you're reading 50 a year (I am too), you shouldn't really worry I guess unless you want to push it into superreader territory (100+ books per year).

I would say get more books and read more books at the same time and abandon more of them as well.

@zephasaurus_hex You could resign yourself to the fact you will never read all the books you want to read in your lifetime because there are too many good books!

Embrace the tsundoku! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

One thing I've thought of doing (notice how I've said "thought" and never actually "done") is just written down the new releases and not actually bought them until I've gotten through the stuff in my backlog I still care about.

@lapis Yeah, I often go "shopping" and just add things to wishlists instead of buying them. And that works for when I just have "must absorb all the things" urge. But because of that my wishlists are huuuuuuge and also ebooks are so good at getting my attention w/o triggering the "whoa, that's expensive maybe I should table that for later" responsible brain.

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