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(I've stopped doing them by the month for now, I'll just post when I think of some. Feel free to add your own, as always.)

1. Books that have helped you better understand a social justice issue

2. Books that have become harder or less fun to read since becoming more aware of social justice issues

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not all for today but for anyone to do whenever. Sometimes I want to talk in the tag but don't have any fics to share so figured this would help.

When did you start reading fanfic and what sorts of fics (fandom, style, whatever) did you read back then?

Have you ever written any?

What sorts of fic do you read now?

Do you ever read fic for fandoms you don't actually follow?

What do you like about fanfic?


My last 5 minutes:

Wow I can't believe it's already the 10th, I haven't even started The Poppy War. I hope it's on my library's digital app.

Except I'm so tired. I wonder if there's an audiobook.

There is! Oh yay.

It's over 18 hours long. Oh dear. I'm so bad at listening to long things and have never finished an audiobook over 4 hours long.

But it's actually *only* available as an audiobook, so guess I'll at least give it a try!

"4 - If you *had* to, what fanfic do you think you could write on the spot right now?"

Magic: the Gathering - Planeswalker high school AU πŸ˜†

My partner and I recently got back into playing, I was not actually aware M:tG *had* an actual story, but now I just find the planeswalkers adorable and faascinating. Have a few decks planned that remind me of The Breakfast Club and it has me thinking "eh, yeah, I could definitely write that."

Almost certainly won't, though.

The day is over, friends! Well, the work part of it.

It was so much worse than I thought it was going to be! XD But that's ok because it's over and tomorrow I get to work with some of my favorite people.

Happy thoughts.

Ugh I am not ready to do this day.

I have a 3-day weekend coming up but two more days before it starts and I do not have the energy for it.

Looking forward to tomorrow with some because I have a long day ahead and need something nice to think about.

1 - What's the longest fanfic you've ever read?

2 - The shortest?

3 - What fanfic have you re-read the most times?

4 - If you *had* to, what fanfic do you think you could write on the spot right now?

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You know how sometimes there are like fictional in-universe books that get written and published in our world? Like the Harry Potter textbooks?

I really want whoever's in charge of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina merch to put out a cookbook "written by" Hilda and a Martha Stewart style general craft book by Madame Satan. Would buy those immediately.

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"100 Artists See Satan."

(Kind of reading. Do you *read* an art book? Whatever.)

It's really good and I like it.

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"Yeah, so I found out my new house is haunted."
"You know who you should call? Ghostbusters!"
"Oh? Do they have an email address?"
"Just call them!"
"Ah. Can I text them?"
"No, just call them."
"Um. Never said I minded the ghost. It's not that bad."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Running around downtown for medical things and stopped in for my comics. And also a bunch of other new comics starting this week that caught my attention. I may have gone overboard, but "too many comics" is not something I consider a problem.

Also, a (non-comic) book! "A Quick and Easy Guide to Queer and Trans Identities." Nice.


has a specific definition, but we can read anything by any sort of marginalized voice.

I'll leave these links as suggestions

Though as a heads up, some of the stuff in those GR links is not out yet, so check the date before getting attached. Or save it for a different month.

Worst case, I have ideas, but I want to hear yours first πŸ’œ

Reading Nancy Drew is weird. I do not remember it this way, it's kind of screaming "written for kids" but also has some squicky "ew I would not want kids getting these lessons" messages and now I kind of want to start a challenge or something. Could be a fun filler thing when I get behind on my book count. I do have a whole big box of my favorites that I couldn't let go of when I moved away from my parents.

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Current List:

"Crowded" by Christopher Sebela
"What If It's Us" by Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera
"Nancy Drew: The Secret of the Old Clock" by Carolyn Keene
"When Darkness Loves Us" by Elizabeth Engstrom

That's not even counting the ones I'm in the middle of but haven't read this month.

I may have some focus problems.

Yessssss, checked my mail today and "When Darkness Loves Us" from the Valancourt/Paperbacks From Hell horror reprint series got here.

I'm so excited.

Show of hands, would anyone do a / /

And as usual, if polls don't work, comment below with your thoughts!

NA Is probably impossible to completely exclude due to blurry definitions, but there's a guide below to read about it

Ideally things would focus on authors (eg: autistic author writes autistic protagonist) but suggest whatever.

Difference between YA and Middle Grade-

Between YA and NA -

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