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(I've stopped doing them by the month for now, I'll just post when I think of some. Feel free to add your own, as always.)

1. Books that have helped you better understand a social justice issue

2. Books that have become harder or less fun to read since becoming more aware of social justice issues

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not all for today but for anyone to do whenever. Sometimes I want to talk in the tag but don't have any fics to share so figured this would help.

When did you start reading fanfic and what sorts of fics (fandom, style, whatever) did you read back then?

Have you ever written any?

What sorts of fic do you read now?

Do you ever read fic for fandoms you don't actually follow?

What do you like about fanfic?


"What If It's Us?"

"But Zeph, didn't you start reading that like back in January?"

Yes, yes I did! I've had kind of a reading block and apparently needed to be stuck in bed for 2 days to get over it and read a non-comic book!

Anyways it's good and I like it.

Like the scientists refer to each other as Dr. but then they're like "Mr. Luthor is working on blah-blah-blah very technical smart thing that is above their level of expertise."


Does he just...go around...learning and doing things w/o actually getting the credentials?

I mean, I *guess* I could also see him as someone who's like "blah, what could a university possibly have to teach *me*, smartest man in the universe!? I don't need your stinkin' degrees."

Was reading "Super Sons" and a couple of scientists referred to their boss as "Mr Luthor" and I'm like "...that can't possibly be right, can it?"

He definitely seems like one of those "multiple PhDs in everything" characters, right? Like time-wise it doesn't even seem possible and like how did you also build a company and have a life, but he *must*, right?


The hen brooded diligently, so much so, that if the layer of the eggs had returned, she would have fought to remain on the nest.

She wasn't very smart. She was a chicken.

But nothing ever came to reclaim the eggs. The hen trilled and cackled comfortingly to the eggs. She wasn't smart, but she was there for them.

Some time later, travelers would report a pair of clucking, cackling, fire-breathing dragons protecting a wild flock, taking turns carrying their aging mother up to the clouds.


The hen had few desires; to grow fat on grubs and grains, to keep eggs warm and to soar through the clouds.
She excelled at the first two, but her flying efforts, though determined, were limited. Still,she managed to reach many of the highest treetops and rocky outcrops, further than the rest of the flock.

During her highest flight, she found a cliffside cave with a nest cradling two cooling eggs. Without hesitation she began to brood.

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Hello Mastodon!
This is going to be my first self-promotional toot.

Hello, hi, my name is Veronica.

I have finally published my #gamewriting portfolio, and to not let it go in vain, I am sharing it here in hope of like-minded people finding it.

I am looking for #indie #videogames projects who need a writer, even smallest jobs. I am also interested in #narrativedesign tasks.

Boosts and recommendations to friends are tremendously appreciated.

#gamedev #writing

Runaways no. 19 is soooooo good.

No spoilers or details in this post, I just really like the way Alex is being handled and he continues to be my favorite. πŸ’œ πŸ’œ πŸ’œ

if you're a wizard then all your hats are wizard hats

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My partner and I were talking about internet history and technical terms and my total lack of knowledge of them.

Me: Listen, I'm a casual user.
Him:'re not! You run a website!
Me: *counts* I run FOUR websites! It's easier than you'd think!

Really, though. All my college friends were computer science nerds and I learned things, but I'm just a nerdy fan who found out just anyone could start a website one day and went a little overboard with it.

I wish I had more time for podcasting. Other shows I'd love to do if I had more time (or if someone else took over the editing and such):

- Umbrella Academy recap/discussion

- Generally watching and discussing adaptations of books, comics, etc.

- Examining favorite characters in depth

- Some sort of game design/world-building/collaborative fiction thing, I dunno. I find the creation aspects fascinating but have never kept up with a game long.

BTW, that episode is Chapter 4: Witch Academy. It is very good and feels to me like what the pilot *should* have been and IMO if you stopped watching in the first 3 episodes you didn't really see the show anyway and have no idea if you like it or not. πŸ˜†

I think that's what most of my offline friends did and that makes me sad. But that's ok, we all like different things and I get if the 3-episode intro was just a bit much for people.

Woo, thought I was gonna have to put off my trip to the comic store because of the parade (UGH, PARADES) but turns out I just have to get off one stop earlier than usual and do a lot more walking. It's a nice day, walking's good for me!

So gonna get some comics, come home and watch CAOS, and then tonight. TONIGHT. I finally get to record the podcast for my favorite episode. Had to postpone 3 weeks due to a cold and no voice.

It is a good day, friends!

It's kind of weird how I went looking for asexual Jughead fics and wound up finding a new pairing I did not know I shipped? They both lean to the cheesy side but they're cute as hell and Jughead is still ace and it's very yay.

So here, have some Reggie/Jughead fic.

"if you'll have me" by veronica bunch -

"certified ego checker" by ericaismeg -

not all for today but for anyone to do whenever. Sometimes I want to talk in the tag but don't have any fics to share so figured this would help.

When did you start reading fanfic and what sorts of fics (fandom, style, whatever) did you read back then?

Have you ever written any?

What sorts of fic do you read now?

Do you ever read fic for fandoms you don't actually follow?

What do you like about fanfic?


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Pretty sure I'm finally at the end of this cold from Hell, so that's nice.

Hopefully having to walk around outside a lot tomorrow doesn't make it worse. I've had to postpone recording my podcast for 2 weeks because of it already and if I still can't talk *this* weekend I'm gonna be so sad.

But I don't think that'll happen. *crosses fingers*

I never had imaginary friends as a kid...

But I have my fingers crossed to one day be reminiscing about an old friend with my parents and have them look at me like, "Who are you talking about? You spent that summer alone."


I'm currently reading Β«How to Disappear: Notes on Invisibility in a Time of TransparencyΒ» by Akiko Busch

#plottwist #highthoughts #books #currentlyreading

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I've had some kind of cold or something for a week and now my voice is just a tiny little whisper so I had to cancel recording my podcast for the 2nd time in a row and I'm SAD.

I'm trying to put my energy into a blog post instead so I'm still creating, but my head's all swirly and unfocused.

Might give up and just watch Runaways or Umbrella Academy or something. We'll see.

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