Baby-Sitters Club is finally on Netflix! Hurray!

Watched the entire thing in the past two days.

I loved these books so much as a kid, and it's a very well-done adaptation that's true to the heart of the series with a believable contemporary setting. It's also queer AF, so yay!

I had to keep stopping the video to cry when familiar characters popped up.

It's not perfect, I definitely have some notes for improvement, but it is very very good.

Like, 9/10 probably.

*really* vague quote I'm trying to place, I *think* it's from a book? 

Might be a tv show or movie, but I think I read it.

There's a conversation where the main character/narrator is talking to a group laughing about a prank they played on someone there narrator knows, like I think maybe a brother?

Narrator says something like "ha, that's so funny, I bet he cried for a week. I bet his family was really worried." And they all just look confused.

Anyone know what this is from? I have no ideas.

Today's read: "Die" #11 by Kieron Gillen

It's. So. GOOD.

If you're a fan of

- WicDiv and/or Phonograph
- tabletop RPGs
- stories about stories
- complicated and interesting characters
- angst

You should consider reading this comic.


The comic store is open again since the state lockdown ended but I still haven't been able to get there. Luckily, they also do delivery now! So I was surprised with issue one of the new Sabrina comic and I'm very happy.

I'm about to go record a podcast episode so will read it after. I'll talk about Sabrina (tv show) then read about Sabrina! What a good day.

Maybe I'll even watch an episode of the sitcom later and get *all* the Sabrinas!

name change, trans stuff, not book related 

I'd shared a little before about preparing to get my name legally changed. One of the big considerations was *kind of* wanting to take the middle name Louis/Lewis from several members on both sides of my family, but also dealing with the fact that all of them I know are assholes who wouldn't support me.

So I looked at some variants and was just going for a weird spelling.

But just now today I learned Lowe and Love are variants and I kind of love them?

So far, though, I have written 0 journal entries since I decided that.

I used to write DAILY when I was a kid and now it's like I don't remember how. Kind of the same as reading. Like I used to just do it for fun because I wanted to and then grad school happened and you can't just read to *read*, you have to read *for* something and it's hard to break that.

Journalers, what do you even write about? How do you get started? Follow prompts or just stream of conscious?

I am so lost here.

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A couple of weeks ago I decided I was going to try writing actual *journal* entries, like in a paper notebook instead of a public blog. 😱

I haven't done that in soooo long. Basically since I discovered livejournal existed almost 20 years ago.

I feel like I've gotten in the habit of publicly broadcasting my thoughts to process them, which means a lot of oversharing and a tendency to avoid writing until I can turn it into Content, which leads to a lot of scatterbrain.


I regularly complain about stories that go on well after they should have ended and therefore get incredibly frustrating in how they repeat or undo previous storylines for drama and won't let any characters have satisfying growth arcs.


That said, there are two series that are definitely finished and don't need to continue that have upcoming sequels I *cannot wait* to read.

Anyone have similar areas of hypocritical feelings regarding books and other media?

weekly admin notes 

- Sent out a couple new invites to people who had requested them.

- Maybe there's a problem with replies getting stuck? If you are also having this problem OR happen to know what might cause replies not to post, please let me know!

personal, work stuff, money, capitalism and greedy shady corporations 

Also just noticed the big "If you're printing this at work, please collect it immediately to ensure confidentiality" note at the top.

Double checked the paystub and there's no bank information. Basically no information that's not already in the company directory *except* how much you make.

So to translate: "Please pick this up immediately so no one can make comparisons and realize we're cheating them."

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personal, work stuff, money, capitalism and greedy shady corporations 

Currently going through all my paystubs to document when I *actually* recieved my promotion. Managers had been denying my more experienced coworker's claim that after 18 months we are meant to get a big raise, so she went over their heads. Now they say yes but had no record of my promotion, I'd have to check all my paystubs and see when I got the raise to go with it.

Confirmed: should have gotten the big raise months ago.

in LA we don't say "good evening" we say "i yield my time, fuck you!" and i think thats beautiful

Twitter link, trans/NB sci-fi/fantasy recs

So many new things for my ever-growing to-read list. Still only one book actually read this year.

... I'll get there.

Just to make sure it's clear, this isn't an official book club. While I'd love it if you read Kendi's book with me, _any_ anti-racist reading you do counts for this. Just post about it so we can all engage.

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it'd be magical if *everyone* could be out on the streets protesting *every* night. but people need to rest and recuperate now and then

so i will be marathon live-streaming #redaloud to raise donations for Black Lives Matter and The Bail Project, focusing on the Broken Earth series by N.K. Jemisin πŸŒ‹

tonight we'll be doing a pre-stream, reading some short stories. tomorrow we'll kick off the marathon proper

we're live now! get in here :boost_ok: :boost_ok: :boost_ok:

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Animal Crossing 

It's past my bedtime but obviously this diner in my ACNH basement was too important.

It took me forever to find something I like enough for the floor. It's a weird, coffee and cake only diner. Like in Umbrella Academy but cakes instead of donuts!

And some couches on the other half that I tried to make look like the ones in Friends but I haven't seen it in a long time and don't know if I'm even close.

I think I'm going to start with "Stamped From the Beginning" by Ibram X. Kendi

It's like 700 pages so this will probably be over the course of at least a month.

Anyway, use or a better tag if you want to join me.

I'd love the company! πŸ’™

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