Umbrella Academy season 2 was very good.

Now I have to rewatch the whole thing.

Non-book, family drama, toxic relationships 

My mom called in the middle of my regularly scheduled game night. Since she knows that's a thing, and since she called me yesterday and rarely calls more than weekly, I picked up thinking it might actually be an emergency.

It was not.

It was framed as questions related to my job, but now I think what actually happened was my dad wanted to talk to me but thinks they need an excuse since I hung up the last time he called and no longer ask for him. Ugh.

Found a new book today, might be the first on my "wow I have to read that" list for the year.

A Werewolf In Riverdale, by Caleb Roehrig

It's a novelization of Jughead: the Hunger!

That's a really good comic you should read if you like horror and Archie.

I'm excited.

Reasons I'm excited right now:

- Got my first ffxiv character to the visiting-other-cities spot and joined all the guilds I wanted for him

- Umbrella Academy season two is up Friday!!!

- I have a day off Friday!!!

- Saturday after work I get to record a podcast!

Work has been kind of a lot lately but this should be a good couple of days.


Yeah, I like it a lot. I have two characters going and I love them.

1 - lalafell conjurer, when he gets to 10 I'm gonna just do all the gathering/crafting classes and not fight anything. ACNH in FF!

2 - catboy arcanist, now also a rogue/blacksmith/armorer/culinarian.

Gonna also make an au ra thaumaturge probably when that opens up in August.

I like magic classes.

Started playing FF XIV. I've been *kind of* interested in it for a long time but not quite sure I was interested enough to spend the money.

I somehow didn't realize there was a free trial version.

YAY now I have a whole new thing to make cute avatars and run around being cute in!

That's literally all games are to me.

My partner and I have been watching X-Files recently. He's re-watching but it's been awhile, I'd never seen a single episode.

I'm interested, but it's extremely ridiculous and I worry that if I'd watched it younger it would have seemed perfectly sensible.

Also Mulder is The Worst.

chilling adventures of sabrina, chapter 24 

Sabrina just referred to Nick as a "bad boy," and I just.


Having nice hair and clothes that kind of bring James Dean to mind doesn't actually make someone a bad boy, and literally none of his actions suggest that he has done anything to earn that reputation.

All I can think is that it's part of their reverse-morality. He's a very very good boy and therefore the ultimate Satanic rebel and therefore a very bad boy.

Or something.

I was listening to another recap podcast and they mentioned that they can't watch the show with anyone because they pause it every five seconds to write down notes or jokes and it would be very annoying.

I'm glad I'm not the only one. This 1-hour episode is taking me like 5 hours to watch.

Listening to Fall Out Boy and therefore going on long internal rambles about how amazing they are and thinking maybe when I get home from work tonight I'll actually finally make a fanzine because these thoughts have to go somewhere, darn it!

Finally editing a podcast episode while I do some cleaning in my office. Hurray!

Baby-Sitters Club is finally on Netflix! Hurray!

Watched the entire thing in the past two days.

I loved these books so much as a kid, and it's a very well-done adaptation that's true to the heart of the series with a believable contemporary setting. It's also queer AF, so yay!

I had to keep stopping the video to cry when familiar characters popped up.

It's not perfect, I definitely have some notes for improvement, but it is very very good.

Like, 9/10 probably.

*really* vague quote I'm trying to place, I *think* it's from a book? 

Might be a tv show or movie, but I think I read it.

There's a conversation where the main character/narrator is talking to a group laughing about a prank they played on someone there narrator knows, like I think maybe a brother?

Narrator says something like "ha, that's so funny, I bet he cried for a week. I bet his family was really worried." And they all just look confused.

Anyone know what this is from? I have no ideas.

Today's read: "Die" #11 by Kieron Gillen

It's. So. GOOD.

If you're a fan of

- WicDiv and/or Phonograph
- tabletop RPGs
- stories about stories
- complicated and interesting characters
- angst

You should consider reading this comic.


The comic store is open again since the state lockdown ended but I still haven't been able to get there. Luckily, they also do delivery now! So I was surprised with issue one of the new Sabrina comic and I'm very happy.

I'm about to go record a podcast episode so will read it after. I'll talk about Sabrina (tv show) then read about Sabrina! What a good day.

Maybe I'll even watch an episode of the sitcom later and get *all* the Sabrinas!

name change, trans stuff, not book related 

I'd shared a little before about preparing to get my name legally changed. One of the big considerations was *kind of* wanting to take the middle name Louis/Lewis from several members on both sides of my family, but also dealing with the fact that all of them I know are assholes who wouldn't support me.

So I looked at some variants and was just going for a weird spelling.

But just now today I learned Lowe and Love are variants and I kind of love them?

So far, though, I have written 0 journal entries since I decided that.

I used to write DAILY when I was a kid and now it's like I don't remember how. Kind of the same as reading. Like I used to just do it for fun because I wanted to and then grad school happened and you can't just read to *read*, you have to read *for* something and it's hard to break that.

Journalers, what do you even write about? How do you get started? Follow prompts or just stream of conscious?

I am so lost here.

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A couple of weeks ago I decided I was going to try writing actual *journal* entries, like in a paper notebook instead of a public blog. 😱

I haven't done that in soooo long. Basically since I discovered livejournal existed almost 20 years ago.

I feel like I've gotten in the habit of publicly broadcasting my thoughts to process them, which means a lot of oversharing and a tendency to avoid writing until I can turn it into Content, which leads to a lot of scatterbrain.


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