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Week 1 - New books/genres you want to read in 2019? New reading practices?

Week 2 - Good books about new beginnings or transitions?

Week 3 - A book that makes you hopeful about the future.

Week 4 - Go to page 20 of a book you're reading. Count down to the 19th sentence (move to the next page if necessary). What is that sentence?

About to go pick up my comics, woo! But I'm early for the bus so thought I'd share the fun things I'll be getting to read.

Really looking forward to:
West Coast Avengers
Captain Marvel

Skeptical but curious about:
Age of X-Man (probably picking up both NextGen and Marvelous X-Men)
Wonder Twins

Also, Umbrella Academy is up on Netflix! That's exciting.

Lots of good comics things today.

Unrelated to the fanfic rec, looking into it made me curious to re-watch Hannibal again and I'm struck by how often characters refer to their friends by their full names.

I notice it as weird but it doesn't take me out of the show. Like RAS's Archie characters always calling each other "cousin" and "auntie."

I've quit reading books over things like that. If I can't imagine characters naturally speaking as written it ruins it for me. But apparently if the imagining is done *for* me it's fine.

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Title: This Love is an Asylum
Author: amoralagent
Fandom: Hannibal/Silence of the Lambs

CW: show-typical violence, movie-typical misgendering, Frederick Chilton hate (listen that's really hard for me I kind of love him)

Summary: Will and Hannibal are married post season 3 and Will's adopted Hannibal's hobbies. One day they purposely get themselves caught and now they live in Hannibal's cell together and Clarice visits them for help on a case.

Problematic time!

I had this up for like 5 minutes last week with the "haven't watched the movie" disclaimer but then I remembered *why* I hadn't watched the movie and thought I should look up why it's transphobic and re-evaluate.

So I'll share the link again but this time in a thread with extended commentary. 1/?

Woooo, new episode!

It took forever to get edited and uploaded because of various work/life issues no one cares to hear. The important thing is that my life is stable again and therefore, podcasts can happen again! Hurray.

This one is about the first episode of Netflix's "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina."

Enjoy and feel free to share!

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Just read the first issue of the new Captain Marvel comic.

Love love love love love.

So good. Everything Kelly Thompson writes is so good. But she tends towards the younger, hipper heroes as I wasn't quite sure CM would be a good fit.

I was wrong, it's awesome, you should all read it.

Nice art, too.


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(I've stopped doing them by the month for now, I'll just post when I think of some. Feel free to add your own, as always.)

1. Books that have helped you better understand a social justice issue

2. Books that have become harder or less fun to read since becoming more aware of social justice issues

#Capitalism is a reasonable economic system that destroys 100 million trees a year to mass-produce something that literally no one asked for and literally everyone hates

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Answering my own "reading when you don't have the spoons to read" :

Fanfic, I guess? You'd think comics, with how much I love them and the fact that they actually come in small monthly installments, but it actually takes more out of me to process images than words so they're often the first to go when I'm too tired or stressed.

But I can usually find some fanfic that's entertaining, reasonably well-written, and light enough not to require much from me.

I had no interest at all in the new Buffy comic, but then I saw a Jen Bartel variant cover and oops look at that I have to have it.

The cover is beautiful and worth the price (to me) just for that. The writing and inner art are fine. Character reinterpretations could be interesting, but I really hate the change in Willow's wardrobe (she and Buffy literally wear the exact same shirt in the same scene, I don't think they wore the same shirt in 7 seasons). Boring.

I might try 1 more issue.

What do you read when you don't actually have any time or energy left for fun but still want to read *something*?

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Yay, I finally got to read the first issue of !

The art is gorgeous and I like that it centers on the twins. I actually wish there was more of that, not sure we really needed to see the core 4 in this since none of them are actually important to the story right now and they're trying to fit in a lot? I'd rather see less petty high school nastiness and more of the real serious plotting.

But it's just the first issue. I think it'll get better as it goes.

My bus this morning had a new basket and sign that said "take a book, leave a book" and I was so excited to have a place for my book fairy books. But then I looked it up and it's a library program where they supply the books and I'm probably not supposed to add my own.

But it did make me realize the bus is probably a fairly good place to leave those. Safe from weather, lots of people passing through with a wide variety of interests and lots of time on their hands. Hmmmm.

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