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June mainly for myself but also whoever wants to join in.

Books that had a major influence on your worldview. Informing, challenging, outright tearing it down or introducing something completely new, etc.

I'm gonna try to do one a day.

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Looking forward to tomorrow with some because I have a long day ahead and need something nice to think about.

1 - What's the longest fanfic you've ever read?

2 - The shortest?

3 - What fanfic have you re-read the most times?

4 - If you *had* to, what fanfic do you think you could write on the spot right now?

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(I've stopped doing them by the month for now, I'll just post when I think of some. Feel free to add your own, as always.)

1. Books that have helped you better understand a social justice issue

2. Books that have become harder or less fun to read since becoming more aware of social justice issues

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not all for today but for anyone to do whenever. Sometimes I want to talk in the tag but don't have any fics to share so figured this would help.

When did you start reading fanfic and what sorts of fics (fandom, style, whatever) did you read back then?

Have you ever written any?

What sorts of fic do you read now?

Do you ever read fic for fandoms you don't actually follow?

What do you like about fanfic?


I'm a little surprised that I'm actually making my way through the audiobook of "A Memory Called Empire" so well. Just 3.5 hours left! I think I'll maybe give my podcasts a break for awhile and just load up on audiobooks. It's holding my attention better and makes my breaks and commutes more fun.

Not tagging the book club in this'cause it's not actually about the book, but I'll come back affter my errands with actual content-related thoughts.

First Rule of Punk, deadnaming 

Reminder to myself and whoever else needs it that it's actually completely fine to stop reading a book you're not at all interested in. Even if it's for a book club.

(I suppose there's probably some sort of caveat in there about books that are actually necessary for learning or something, or an actual commitment to other people. But not for a read-along in a huge group with people I don't even know. They're not gonna miss me.)

YAMG BookClub August poll 

I've been listening to the "A Memory Called Empire" audiobook instead of podcasts/music during commutes and other times I can't read.

Way more reading time.

I probably missed some plot-relevant info because I can't focus on audio.

I think it balances out, though. I'm not missing as much as I thought I would, I seem to be following the plot ok and only had to rewind twice so far.

About 33% finished.

"For unlike someone devoted to the life of contemplation, a total worker takes herself to be primordially an agent standing before the world, which is construed as an endless set of tasks extending into the indeterminate future."

A bunch of you (mostly those with white collar jobs) should read this and consider how close you are to the sort of ideology this article discusses. I think it'll feel uncomfortable, but may help motivate you toward new opinions.

chilling adventures of sabrina, negative autism depictions 

YAMG August nominations 

mild spider-man:homecoming spoilers, bad parenting/adulting in kid fiction 

1 - MalΓΊ is my hero and i wanna be her when I grow up.

2- School dress codes suuuuuuck and I'm honestly so mad about this. Hey teachers, know what's a distraction from learning? Actually taking kids out of school to give them your opinions on their clothes/hair/makeup and drawing attention to those things. You know what isn't? What someone looks like when they're hidden behind a desk and everyone's busy watching the teacher anyway. Get a fucking hobby.

This kid is too cool. What were *you* listening to at 12 years old? I'm not even sure I remember, but definitely not the Ramones. Granted I hate the Ramones, but I didn't even *know* that at 12. I just started exploring music and finding out what I liked around 28 or so.

At 12 I think I was probably listening to NSYNC or something, jeez. Actually, yeah, that was right when I got a radio and first started listening to something other than CCM and boy bands were everywhere. Ugh.

My library's copy of "A Memory Called Empire" is checked out. Oh no!

So I went to find it on Kobo, found out I have an audiobook credit I hadn't used yet, and then also found out there is in fact an audiobook of AMCE!

It's over 15 hours long, but my podcasts have been slow lately so I might actually be able to handle that.

/ July Book Club Stuff

"The First Rule of Punk" by Celia C. Perez for

"Witches, Sluts, Feminists" by Kristen J. Sollee for a FB Buffy group

Gonna try to read "A Memory Called Empire" by Arkady Martine for

And not for clubs, but I got "The Meaning of Birds" and "Kings, Queens, and In-Betweens" when I was last at the library so gonna try to finish those too.

And probably some comics because GR says I'm 7 books behind for my goal. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Finished "I Wish You All The Best" yesterday, plan to get through the first half of "Dear Martin" today (I'm behind for the book club, I know.)

Other plans for today include:
- Editing and posting a podcast episode
- Prepping for the next one
- ???

non-book-related, boy meets world 

I Wish You All The Best, not really a spoiler, but maybe ableism??? lack of awareness 

"I Wish You All The Best" by Mason Deaver

It's so good. Not nearly as awkward and hard to read as I was finding "What If It's Us." (I've been reading that one since January, on and off, I love it but I just can't. Every single page is very well-written relateable cringe and wow do I not miss being a teenager.)

It's good to be enjoying YA again.

Hey club:
The book for July is "The First Rule of Punk" by Celia C. PΓ©rez.

If borrowing: I think you want this one physical. I've heard it has drawings in it, but if you're reading on like, a phone or tablet (like a Fire) it's probably fine.

The other ones I've heard raved about, especially George, so I'll probably check them out too, if anyone wants to talk about them too.

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