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Week 1 - Spooky!
Talk about books you've found spooky or that focused on spooky subjects. Witches and ghosts and monsters, oh my!

Week 2 - Scary!
Not so much spooky but actually frightening. Dystopias, books *about* fear, whatever.

Week 3 - Skeletons!
Books about death. Or secrets?

Week 4 - Halloween
Pretty on the nose here, I know. Books about or set on Halloween.

Week 5 - Candy!
Books you read just for fun. Sweet, delicious, maybe not great in large doses.

I'm of two minds about data retention and private posts on social media.

The humanist side of me is 100% in favor of people being in control of their own posts, including the ability to delete them wholesale.

The classicist side of me knows that we'd be able to read Linear A if the Minoans had used a more permanent fucking medium for writing things down.

so does bisexual mean once every two sex or twice per sex

Me: I have so many books to read and I'm kind of behind on my goals for this month. I should stop adding more things to read.

Also me: WHY isn't this book I want to read out until November this is an outrage.


Week 3 - Skeletons (books about death)

Beautiful Darkness by Fabien Vehlmann and KerascoΓ«t

Super disturbing comic about a bunch of cartoon-ish characters, a dead girl, and how life is violent and dangerous.

Definitely stands out as one of the most important-to-me things I've read. It's stuck with me even though I only read it once and quite awhile ago.

But yeah, disturbing. Proceed with caution.

Okay, friends, time to throw suggestions for November at me.
Not more than two per person, please.
You have until Friday and then voting will be until Sunday.

Quentin Quire is such a treasure.

Also I 100% believe that even though these *look* like he could easily make them himself with a sharpie, he instead paid a big fancy designer way too much money to do it for him.

I love him so much.

(Panels from "West Coast Avengers" issue 2)

The author of this month's pick just started a podcast called "Death in the Afternoon."

I'm listening to the first episode now and it's pretty great.

Ok, gave up on fancy costuming and definitely going for basic comics/Riverdale Jughead for Halloween.

I already have almost everything I need, just gotta put an "S" on a shirt.

Still gonna be pretty cool and I'm excited.

I would pay real money for a shirt based on this

It's not uncommon for Archie comics to take a long time between issues, so I assumed that's what was happening with the Jughead series. Nope, cancelled. :(

On the bright side, new Archie horror. Blossoms 666 looks *so good* and I can't wait.

And the back of the newest WicDiv had an ad for Gillen's new comic, which looks pretty great too.

And I totally forgot Jen Bartel's new comic came out this month so I gotta grab that.

Definitely gonna be *some* version of Jughead for Halloween. But which one?

- Normal version from the 2015 comic reboot

- Werewolf version from Jughead: The Hunger (soooo good, btw)

- Jughead w/the Peachette Super Crown


Local comic store's book of the month is Infidel by Pornsak Pichetshote, Aaron Campbell, and JosΓ© Villarrubia.

And also I had a hold on a digital book that was automatically added to my borrowed shelf and has to be read in the next couple of weeks.

And I'm still only about halfway through and because apparently I am a slowpoke this month.

Better get going. :)


Did anyone else go looking for job listings at any point reading this book?

Probably not a great fit for me, tbh. And there are no openings near me anyway. More likely I'll just steer my existing work more towards end-of-life stuff, which was already the vague plan.

But it's really cool to see someone else voicing my thoughts and finding these same morbid topics so fascinating.

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There's a new #PeerTube instance run by @deadsuperhero called VidCommons which is dedicated entirely to #CreativeCommons and #PublicDomain works:

You can also follow its channels on here:



It's just started so the selection is still limited, but it's gradually building up.

There's also a new tracker-free website run by @kinosocial which has selected CC/PD films from PeerTube and

#Videos #Movies

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I've been trying to think of spooky things I read as an adult and there aren't many. Weird since it was so much of what I was into as a kid, and not really sure when I stopped.

There's a lot of spooky-but-not-really-scary stuff for kids, I guess I haven't really seen anything that compares in grown-up fiction. You go from maybe-vampire teachers straight to murder-ghosts.

Any fun-spooky book recs for grownups?

- Spooky books!

What comes to mind immediately is mostly things I read as a kid. I *loved* anything with ghosts in it.

Bailey School Kids (Vampires Don't Wear Polka Dots, etc.) and Sweet Valley Super Chillers were my faves.

"SV: The Carnival Ghost" is the one I remember most from that bunch. "Wait Till Helen Comes" is the non-serial book that sticks in my mind the most.

I was super convinced my house was haunted by a little girl who just really wanted to be my friend forever.

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