as a reminder, @zephasaurus_hex and I are doing in which we read a metric shit ton of Grishaverse books (starting with Six of Crows). I assume it will take longer than September, despite the ill-thought-out hashtag.

If anyone wants to join us on this joyride, you know what to read (and possibly watch. I can confirm Ben Barnes is dreamy if you didn't already know this)

Six of Crows ch 4-6 

More characters!

I'll withhold judgement on Matthias till at least the next section.

Nina I can't decide if I like or not. She was slightly mean to Inej so I'm mad at her but she seems kind of funny when not distressed so I'll give her time.

Also it seems silly that she wouldn't guess about the fighting arena but then I remember she doesn't have TV and it isn't fair to expect her to know tropes, so that's fine.

Six of Crows ch 1-3, audiobook specifically 

One of the readers (Kaz's stuff I think) sounds just like Jason Marsden. It makes me feel like I'm watching one of my comfort shows from the 90s and makes me happy.

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Six of Crows ch 1-3 

Apparently I hadn't actually finished chapter 3 yesterday and we *do* hear about the healer again.

Oh no.

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Six of Crows ch 1-3 

I don't have a lot to say since at this point it's mostly character intros, but here's my impressions of all the characters I remember meeting so far.

Inej - badass knife-lady, 10/10 would read all about her

Kaz - this is basically if Spot from Newsies grew up a lil then went through the plot of The Thief, so I love him

Joost - seems useless and I think he just exists to showcase the healer, who I hope comes back but I forget her name

I'm pretty sure at least 30% of my sense of humor, aesthetic, and just general personality is rooted in this film and watching it is such a delight *every. single. time.*

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First "Hocus Pocus" watch of the year, woooooooooo.

Which means I'm gonna be chanting a bunch of Sarah's lines a lot for awhile.

calling everyone libs is almost as annoying as having 984953859 qualifiers for what counts as a real leftist instead of just admitting that a lot of leftists suck

Okay As you probably already know: Cinderella is Dead by Kalynn Bayron won, though it was VERY close.

So let's all enjoy a sapphic dystopia

american horror stories, not really plot-related thoughts on last ep 

I really like how there's this mom who wants to connect with her kid, whose only personality trait is liking American Horror Story. She spends literally all her money hiring a game designer to make an AHS game rather than just watch it with him. She's not a game designer. We have no clues as to what she does when she's not going in debt making a game no one wanted for a property she doesn't own.

I found my favorite place in FFXIV so far, this magical fairy mushroom cave with adorable animal-like creatures.

So I sat down and ate some food hoping I'll have to stay there forever now. :blobheartcat:

Riverdale ch 88 

Hiram asked Reggie to get him "a ghost gun."

Apparently that just means untraceable but until he clarified I definitely was just expecting either a gun to kill ghosts or the ghost of a gun and either way I was ok with that. Like sure, that tracks for this show.

This is in the proto-stages:
And completely separate from (but in the same wheelhouse, hence the tag)

Would anyone join me on a September (and possibly other months lol, it's a lot of books)

(re)Reads of Shadow & Bone, Six of Crows, etc. Everything GrishaVerse-related. We don't have to (re)Watch the show, but Ben Barnes IS dreamy so it's on the table. 😝

I'm starting either way, but curious if others want in. HMU.

Oh yes.
I want recommendations for September. I will start the poll next Wednesday at the latest.

fear street (netflix) spoilers, plot questions 

ok but *why* does bleeding on the bones give someone visions/make them a target??????????

i've watched it twice now and it just gets more confusing the more i watch.

my *other* plothole questions have mostly been resolved or at least i've got headcanons i can accept, but the blood thing is just bananas.

Okay the August book is "The Bone Witch" by Rin Chupeco!

As a heads up, some family problems are happening on my end. I don't Think this will impact my ability to run bookclub, but I'm mentioning it now just in case I'm around a little less.

Awaiting July book reports with bated breath! πŸ˜‰

Just finished rewatching the Sabrina finale (spoilers) 

I also want to emphasize that my hatred of Sabrina is not Kiernan Shipka's fault. I've liked her in other things and hated Sabrina in just about every adaptation of the comics. So it's not even a writer thing. TBH it's a frequent issue I have with many series and I'm starting to think I just hate main characters. A consequence of them needing to make bad choices for drama. Prudence would probably suck too if she had to make the story happen.

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Just finished rewatching the Sabrina finale (spoilers) 

So like. I hate Sabrina. The character, I mean. Love the show, for the most part. But Sabrina as a character just bugs me to no end. I've said many times that when this series ends they should do a Sabrina-free spinoff.

But the way they actually killed her was ridiculous and cheap and annoys me even more than she does. And on top of everything she's still the center of the comic continuation, so it didn't even mean anything for the story.


More Sabrina is coming. In my favorite format. Two different series even!

Also Dorcas is on the cover of the one that's a continuation of the Netflix show and I'm really hoping that actually means something.

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