Me: I should continue reading the books.
Me: I should continues reading the book.
Me: I should start the book.
Me: [starts reading another Discworld novel]

@yoolia I've been there before. I have yet to find a solution for this problem.
Sometimes you can't do what you want to do. That's life/mental illness/life.
Hang in there, friend!

@lapis Maybe I just shouldn't make lists of books to read next. Maybe one or two but clearly I'm overwhelmed by more. -.-

@yoolia I keep a small cue around. Some on my e-reader (like from the library, so there's pressure) and some by my bed.

But fwiw, lists of books to read next have never worked for me, but I continue to try 🤷

@yoolia I started the sffbookclub hashtag and I still find myself just reading Discworld books instead 😂

@vector Oh hey! That illuminati emoji, I think I made that. Or I made one that looks exactly the same :D

@yoolia That’s very possible. I grabbed it from No idea where they got it from. If you want me to delete it from this instance I can do that

@vector Of course not! I love seeing my emojis floating around!

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