I don't quite understand the word "darkly" in some books descriptions. What's a "darkly romantic" or "darkly funny" book?

I'm doing it again: acquiring books but not reading them!

Me: I should continue reading the books.
Me: I should continues reading the book.
Me: I should start the book.
Me: [starts reading another Discworld novel]

TFW you want to read all the books, just not the ones you were planning to read this month...

I wanted to finish my book yesterday but I fell asleep at 98%.

What is a summer reading list? Why would you have a list only for one season?

I wonder why I get so excited about reading books and then don't actually read any. Where is that mental block or executive dysfunction or whatever it is coming from?

Colon mansplaining false shit to Nobby is really frustrating.

It's annoying that it's impossible to read and listen to podcasts at the same time.

This means I have to read 120 pages a day this month... AAAAAH!

Lindsay Ellis just made me feel bad about hating Twilight and I don't know how to deal with that.

I'm doing it again: acquiring too many books! AAAAH!

Apparently 17% of crowds in movies are female and the only movies where men and women have about equal screentime is in female-led movies. Otherwise it's 75/25 AND I'M RAGING!
Even in shows for kids only 30% of the characters are female.

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Aaaaah, I'm so angry! This is all ridiculous and I want men to read this book. ALL MEN!

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