@mwlucas Once again, what the hell is wrong with you, MAKING ME FEEL THOSE FEELS. *tips hat*.

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Another day, another "it's not @mwlucas yet :(" on the WMG Holiday Spectacular. I'm sure tonight's read will be wonderful all the same.

I'm in this project. Twice.

If you want to see my own... *special* take on Christmas, get in now while it's inexpensive. Or wait till later, when it's not.


kickstarter.com/projects/40364 is back. I enjoyed the heck out of the 2019 edition (which was largely out of my regular reading genres). I enjoyed it so much I bought the advent calendar for 2020 back in August when I noticed their main site already had that up, so I'm backing it now for the Valentines/Halloween one. If you can afford, I'd strongly encourage backing.

*taps microphone* Yes, OK, this is still on. so aside from my regular reading of F&SF (sfsite.com/fsf/index.html) I picked up the African Speculative Fiction bundle @jessmahler boosted a weekish ago and started on AfroSF v1. I haven't made it too far as I also started reading The New Jim Crow which I think counts for even if it's a little dated (published 2012) but also I think still very true.

One of the best urban fantasies I've ever read, in one of the best series I've read. Lovecraft meets Dashiell Hammett.

It's two bucks.

Steal it. Steal it now.

The author is working on the next two books right now.


The Expanse S4 vs Books (4/5), minor book spoilers 

I do hope what they did with Drummer means perhaps they're going to have her fill in more of the role in S5 that the character she replaced by being on The Behemoth / Medina Station to start with. And I _really_ hope they keep her family life too.

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The Expanse S4 vs Books (4/5), minor book spoilers 

We finished S4 of the show last night. I'm overall excited for whenever S5 comes, but I'm also a little annoyed, and a little worried. I'm fine with what they did to include Sol in this season (since the book is all about Illus). But the whole thing about Naomi's history is a long drawn out set of plot points in the book but just plainly stated almost in passing in the show. Also, a new general secretary? Uhhh.... That said...

So, I had to do some shopping today and I impulse bought the MAD Star Wars collection. It's got all the stuff I read as a kid, all the older stuff I wished I had as a kid and all the newer stuff I missed out on, not really being in to MAD so much as an adult. Should be a good read anyhow :)

Been a while since I said what I'm and it's monstly been the holiday "advent" kickstarter that @mwlucas mentioned and has a story in. Been enjoying it as it's been nice to largely stick to just a story a day. Had a bit more time of late so I've also been going through the latest Fantasy and Science Fiction and a little skimming though the 2018 Baen free Non-fiction book. About time to look for new entries there too, now that I say it.

With my new main account over at @trini I'm going to try and stay more focused on books and related here. As such, you may want to adjust your following if you weren't following for my take on books.

US Pol (NC Pol), V. Negative 

And while typing this one of those "serious people" said that maybe Senator Tillis would one of the people to keep an eye on as he has a hard election in 2020. Annoyance at the DSCC for not minding their own business aside, he's going harder than ever Trump, not center. Not even center for NC.

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US Pol, V. Negative 

Not quite "in before..." but, all of the "Serious People" who are expecting anything other than the shortest possible non-conviction in the Senate is just sad. Speaker Pelosi can count votes and that's why we have the articles we have. But Majority Leader McConnell can too.

Hey! It's finally time for @mwlucas 's story in the WMG Holiday Spectacular! And here I thought it really might be the practically last story in the bundle.. :)

Upside to more whipped cream than pie? Easy to fancy up your morning coffee :)

Holiday baking musings 

Verdict: It worked great. That might have been the best pie I've ever made. No cracking. No "why has it not yet set enough?" while cooking, nor fiddling with covering the crust. The edge was indeed not big enough to really stick but I'll play with making something thicker there next time.

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Holiday baking musings 

While putting the pie away I have a little worry about how the crust is, looks like it might have soaked through a bit. Might have needed to cook down the filling a little bit more, or reduce the milk/cream amount a slight bit. Will know better tomorrow :)

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Holiday baking musings 

And we're out of the oven now.

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