mwl also writes in-depth technical books and actually knowing things comes through in relevant scenes (these aren't tech-thriller books, I don't want to give the wrong impression). That general "this is all plausible" detail comes through in the rest of the story too. Oh, and there's characters too. I should have mentioned that earlier, probably. They're all well written and if the general premise is your kind of thing, you'll be wanting to see what happens next. I certainly am. [2/2]

I'm now done the "Butterfly Stomp Waltz" and "Terrapin Sky Tango" by @mwlucas and here's for the fediverse review. One of my book-types is "Thriller, in SPACE!" but I figured I would make an exception on the "in SPACE!" part this time. I'm glad I did as they were two enjoyable stories. [1/2]

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The WMG Holiday Spectacular isn't just a bunch of stories. It's a fascinating experiment in the publishing biz. Throw in a few bucks, and get a literary Advent calendar.

Plus: a brand-new Beaks tale, with blood under the tree!

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Best line of the book 

I've finished Butterfly Stomp Waltz by @mwlucas for my latest and non-spoilery, I want to compliment him on having plausible "protagonist hacks a computer" scenes. Oh, and I enjoyed the book too. Gonna hold off on buying the sequel until Friday night or so, so I don't spend too much time reading when I have other things to take care of.

uspol adjacent, #blowout #book 

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I need to do a blog post, but as ALL the best people on the Internet are on the Fediverse:

Last January, I sold a story to the Pulphouse anthology "Snot-Nosed Aliens." At #Penguicon 2019, I read it. Aloud. Before a live studio audience and everything! :flan_announcer:

The anthology is out, so... here it is.

If you've never tried my fiction, it won't get any easier than this.

ST: Discovery S2 (whole) vs Downton Abbey movie, vague spoiler 

@lapis since you were mentioning dystopias the other day, and I've finally gotten mostly through I must say it sure fits the bill there, more so than usual, to me.

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Dear neighbor, your garden is intruding on ours. Please don't do anything to stop this. #florespondence

#TheExpanse, Tiamat's Wrath, whole book 

The Expanse, Tiamat's Wrath, barely spoiler 

So my library didn't have the current Expanse ebook, and I requested it for the collection. Got the email this afternoon that my hold was now waiting and bam, 2 minutes later I was (almost) Tiamat's Wrath.

#GameOfThrone Fire and Blood thoughts 

Hey @alpine_thistle are rainwater / stormwater gardens something the city recognizes out there? I was just thinking that might be a path forward to having a wild area in your lawn again.

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ukpol, slapping tories 

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The public library is awesome

I've been able to hang out and do some work and I don't have to wifi at home and I don't really require to buy a coffee either, and there are all these public resources here, in a respectful quiet atmosphere

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