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US liberal pieties 

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This is how to do a Trans person joke without punching down.

Broken Earth series spoilers 

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@alpine_thistle I was going to ask how your gardening went this weekend but I see now you posted pictures, looks good!

ST:TNG S4E23 "The Host" 

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Beware: book marketing drivel incoming!

First reader reaction to #TerrapinSkyTango is better than any other book I've written. "Kept me up all night." "You committed literature, but in a good way."

It'll be out soon.

Don't miss out--read the first one so you're ready!

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Woo-hoo! Time to get on The Broken Earth book 3, eBook hold just came in.

@alpine_thistle Hey, how are your strawberries going? Our season has ended, so I'm curious how yours (and the rest of your garden) is doing!

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Reminder that #NKJemisin casually murdered the post-apocalypse genre in #TheFifthSeason, the first book of her award-winning #BrokenEarth series. #ScienceFiction #SciFi

(Transcript in thread)

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If you know of any communities that would benefit from the Patreon fee calculator I wrote, please share it with them! The Patreon community is a bit too distributed for me to effectively reach alone

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An edible gardening update. First, learn from my mistakes. Put your soaker hoses away for the season. The fabric or flat ones last better than the semi-rigid tube ones. Aside from needing to pickup and run a new hose for them, the tomatoes are planted and done now. The parsley came back again this year and I put some basil in that planter too. This is year 5 of our strawberry plants and I think we might harvest maybe 2 dozen strawberries this year.

Here's some Friday of sunflowers. Last year in this particular bed I put down approximately two packets worth of sunflower seeds and we got... very little. this year, I did nothing and we have tons of sunflowers.

Welp, now I'm in for it. Based off of the book list from @lapis I suggested my library buy a bunch of autism books. I also checked "don't hold for me if you buy it". Good news, they purchased at least "All the weight of our dreams : on living racialized autism", bad news, they held it for me, and I think I will feel real bad if I don't in turn actually check it out and at least give it a cursory read.

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Noooooo! My hold for "The Obelisk Gate: The Broken Earth Series, Book 2" is ready now, but I'm only up to the third part or so of the book. Time to put a calendar reminder to checkout the hold in a few days.

It was quite foggy this morning so we stopped down by the Cape Fear river this morning for coffee and a pastry and


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