@tripofmice It brings me no pleasure to tell you this but I think I broke Bookwyrm after a barcode scan decided two volumes of something were the same book in different editions. I tried to fix it, but I think I made it worse.

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I'm seeing a lot of proclamations that there should be no exceptions to describing your images or that there's no reason to interact with any that aren't described.

I know these mean well, but they are themselves ableist.

Disabled people know that access needs can clash. I benefit from described images, but I know some people struggle to write them because of their own disabilities.

And that's okay! The culture of image descriptions is great here but it should never be absolutist.

@zephasaurus_hex oh okay. I hope I get to read it in the next couple of years. Thank you! 💜

@zephasaurus_hex Have you read Moonstruck? Volume 3 came out in 2020, and having not read it until today, I (wrongfully) assumed the series was complete, but no the stakes super intensified and I'm not sure if Covid Delayed production of 4 or canceled it. Do you know? Do I need to mourn this comic?

Ugh I think I'm in a reading slump. Comics and short stories are fine, but reading YA books seems to be a no go the past few days.

Maybe I need to read something literary.

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I'd better start with an , so I can tell you I've been looking for a book-based alt for a while, and I judged this one by its cover.

I'm a genxer who read voraciously in their childhood and kept going through long public transport commutes, but struggles to read nowadays.

I like science and science-fiction, anything contemporary that's a little slipstream, and YA/childrens stuff that I might have missed out on because my library didn't have it when I was a kid.

@zephasaurus_hex hey, have you gotten a chance to look into this? I noticed it's still an issue. No rush though

It's actually cool enough (though quite humid) to sit in my reading nook so I've GOT to read comics today

Bookriot is matching donations to the national network of abortion funds. you can OPT OUT of mailing on the donation screen in case you live somewhere where this donation would get you scrutiny at home


you just need to upload a copy of your receipt to the page below:

jpg, png, gif, pdf allowed


Now is a *really* good time to donate

@helenpugh Currently reading Dark Waters, the third in Katherine Arden's Middle Grade horror trilogy.

Currently writing: well, there's a dark fantasy WIP I'm on and off with, and I just finished the first draft of a story about wind-up people (I know it's a first draft, but I didn't like it when I finished lol)

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Soy Helen, escribo libros históricos. Mis libros disponibles se tratan del Imperio Inca para niños y adultos con un enfoque en mujeres increíbles que vivieron en ese entonces pero que fueron dejadas de lado por los libros de historia tradicionales.

Próximamente un libro para niños sobre la historia del la Amazonia.

Todos los enlaces: http://linkt.ree/intrepiddudettes


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Historical writer here!

So far, I've written about pre-Columbian South America for adults & kids in English and Spanish.

All links (including freebies): linktr.ee/intrepiddudettes

Currently working on a short story anthology for kids based on the history of the Amazon region :)

What are you currently writing/reading?

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I'm Helen, I write historical books, so far about the Inca Empire for kids & adults with a focus on incredible women who lived back then but got sidelined by traditional history books.

All links: http://linkt.ree/intrepiddudettes

Hashtag interests:

And cos my kids like them I follow toots on

goodie I'm caught up on Planting Life in a Dying City. I love this one so much 😭

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If I'm gonna subscribe to fiction, I should really read it. I think that's what I'll start my day with

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