as a reminder, @zephasaurus_hex and I are doing in which we read a metric shit ton of Grishaverse books (starting with Six of Crows). I assume it will take longer than September, despite the ill-thought-out hashtag.

If anyone wants to join us on this joyride, you know what to read (and possibly watch. I can confirm Ben Barnes is dreamy if you didn't already know this)

@lapis lol I'm glad you clarified it "might" take longer than September because I'm pretty sure I can do like 2, *maybe* 3 books max before October but we'll see!

Hm. Or I guess I could just stop limiting myself to only listening every few chapters at a time and just comment about whatever I got through at the end of the day. I just didn't quite realize I was supposed to be going fast.

@zephasaurus_hex yeah my kobo is claiming six of crows is 700 pages. I don't remember it being quite that long but I think I binged it over 2 days when I first read it.

I'm pretty sure if both or either of us try to read all the books in a month it will kill us. I haven't counted but god it's got to be around 10 books.

Kyrie Eleison please 😭

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