This is in the proto-stages:
And completely separate from (but in the same wheelhouse, hence the tag)

Would anyone join me on a September (and possibly other months lol, it's a lot of books)

(re)Reads of Shadow & Bone, Six of Crows, etc. Everything GrishaVerse-related. We don't have to (re)Watch the show, but Ben Barnes IS dreamy so it's on the table. 😝

I'm starting either way, but curious if others want in. HMU.

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@zephasaurus_hex yay!!!! :blobcheer:

this is sort of a list of what you're signing up for. Ideally I want to read everything legally available (last I checked, "The Tailor" was not)

Do you want to start with S&B or 6 of Crows?

Shadow and Bone is more standard fantasy, looking at the magic people (grisha)

Six of Crows is about other people doing a heist

I have not read the King of Scars Duology or the companion books, but I wouldn't start with them.

@zephasaurus_hex for full-transparency, I read Six of Crows first. It has cameos by people from the first series.

IF you watch the TV show, they worked the Six of Crows cast into the Shadow and Bone premise (which is like, 2? years earlier) I think mostly because the Crow gang is so beloved by people.

@lapis That is a lot! Also I'd definitely seen both of those series around a lot and didn't even know they were in the same universe.

Heist sounds more fun to pull me in right away and get me invested, but open to whichever you think is best.

@zephasaurus_hex I am certainly ready to read Six of Crows again! Can't wait to hear your report for (because there is no month that starts with a hard G)

@zephasaurus_hex as a reminder, since you committed (lol), we agreed to do Six of Crows first.

Do we just want to do by-each-chapter reports? Every few chapters?

I haven't decided, but I have an ECT on Friday so I will probably be slightly late to reading and reporting, but I will be there! just... probably saturday or sunday.

@lapis I'll try to push myself to comment something like every 2-3 chapters? I'm bad at it, I usually think "oh I should talk about that" when I read but forget to come back and do it, but I'll set myself some calendar reminders and make time to post.

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