I know the pandemic has sucked for varying degrees for everyone, but how is people's reading going? Do you need peer pressure?

In short, I am asking if there is ANY interest in reviving the relatively soonish in the future.

If you don't know what those letters mean, I originally intended it to be a Young Adult or Middle Grade book every month, preferably from diverse perspectives, and we would post about the books, love or hate, just engage genuinely.

HMU if you're interested

I notice this is getting a few faves, but I have to ask, if you're interested, please reply to this toot or DM me. I don't want to order everyone to read a book. I want nominations we vote on, that sort of thing, and that requires active participation.

Plus I WANT to discuss books with people 😃 I can't do that if it's just toots of me reading Dear Martin and no one is reading it with me

@lapis I'm interested, but my financial situation only allows me to read books the local libary has. And since I live on a bible belt, the local libary mainly has christian historic romance novels. All this to say, I probably can't join, but on the small chance you select a book I can find I'll definately join.

@Corina that makes sense, thank you for telling me 💜

@lapis Yes yes yes.

My reading has been terrible but the one thing I can reliably get through if I start is YA goodness.

@lapis I'd love to join, but I might also have some issues obtaining the books. As long as I can get the ebook somewhere (preferably for free but I'd be willing to pay some as long as it isn't on, say, Amazon) I'd be good. But finding braille books would be pretty difficult. :eyeless_smile:

@Mayana @lapis use bookshare, if you have an account. I forgot what country you’re in, but I’m sure your local library has e-books that you can read on a braille display

@blindscribe I'm from Slovenia. And for sure it has, but I'm more likely to get the less known English books somewhere else on the internet. It should be fine; I'm pretty good at finding these things.

@Mayana @blindscribe for what it's worth for July (since it's too late for nominations) I figured we should do a month where everyone reads a book and reports back to the tag or I suppose to me.

I certainly hope you can obtain a book you wanna read! (And just ask if you need help. I'm not an expert, but I definitely want you to enjoy the club!)

@lapis @Mayana I love that idea! Will do! You'll probably have to remind me what the tag is later though LOL.

@blindscribe @Mayana worst case I can always reply and tag, or just @ me about it, and I'll boost it.

@lapis Alright! I don't suppose the Discworld novels could by stretching the definition count as YA, since I plan on reading those anyway? If not, I'll certainly find something. :ms_smile:

@Mayana well Wikipedia says the Tiffany Aching books were aimed at Young Adults, so go for it!

@Mayana @lapis

Oh, I, so you are blind and post to the fediverse? Sorry for asking.... hope you don´t mind...just a curious george... LoL...

@thegrandmaster Yes, I am. As is almost everyone on the instance I'm on. And a fair number of people outside of it, too. So please make sure to caption your images, if you're able. :ms_smile:

@Mayana @lapis

Ok, thanks for the response ! I have another instance that allows me to caption images...but not on this I will check-out your posts, instance and if I need to post images, will use my other instance. Thanks !
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