Given the current situation in the world, many are finding reading hard, which isn't surprising.

1. What are you reading?

2. What have you finished?

3. Are you doing anything different (reading or reading-adjacent) to get through this?

@lapis I’m doing a lot of comfort re-reads, mostly, and when I’m not I’m looking for old pulp SF or Fantasy because they’re an easy and soothing read for me. Current (re)reading: Martha Well’s “Murderbot” novellas, with something more serious queued up behind.

@ghost_bird If you're interested, the fedi #SFFBookClub is reading/discussing the Murderbot books for June. Just check out the hashtag. It's very casual. @lapis

That sounds fun @ghost_bird . I think it was @natecull that posted ages ago that in short, a ton of the old issues of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction are on the internet archive. That lead me to discover they're still very much around and that's what I'm reading these days to answer @lapis 's question.

@trini I’ve picked up some recommendations from there, and it also turns out Gollancz publish a lot of old stuff as ebooks in the UK.


Philippe Douroux’ books, Alexandre Grothendieck : sur les traces du dernier génies des mathématiques.
Hm, from what I remember, The receptionist by Janeth Groth, Méharées by Théodore Monot and The three body problem by Liu CIxin, maybe something else I forgot.
Not much has changed for me tbh, so I am reading before sleeping as usual, trying to get through the dozens of library books I have home, lamenting that I don't have the time to get to the hundreds of books of my own that are lying unread on the shelves… Same old misery really. The only change more or less reading-adjacent was playing podcast at 1.3 speed instead of 1.2 to get through the enormous playlist I was late in, so there is a pile that has diminished pretty well, so there is that.

@lapis Forgot to answer this earlier.

1. Not actively reading anything atm, lots of stuff on the "interested" list.

2. Red, White, & Royal Blue! Literally nothing else.

3. I went back and got caught up on Riverdale last week, and therefore am also listening to my recap podcasts. Started re-watching Smallville, but didn't get very far.

TV is just literature you watch, right?

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