YA bookclub; book report 

None of you (jerks 😉) answered my poll, so I've decided Wayward Children can count as

Anyway I binged all the books that are out, and now I feel empty.

Let me give the premise of "Every Heart a Doorway":

What happened to the children in portal fiction after their adventure is over and they're sent home. In this case there are two basic options: Wanting to go back, and moving on with your life. EHAD is about the former.


YA bookclub; book report 

Each novella tries to be standalone, but just read in order!

They also get even better.

I want to call it a "new harry potter" because I finally get the urge.

I read one HP book as a child, and saw all the movies, right? Never at any point was I "just gotta wait on my invite to Hogwarts!!!"

After reading these, I want my door to another world, but know I'm probably too old for it to appear, because the doors prefer children, not confused 20-somethings.


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Just to clarify, there are no real spoilers for "Every Heart a Doorway" or any books in the Wayward Children series in those posts.

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Let me know if I should add more, I've forgotten what book reports contain.

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