Hi there, hello!
My name is Morgan, aka KBY30. I do #art and write #fanfiction about #Nintendo games with my sibling @Ehailia

I have quite a few OCs, and most of my work revolves around them.

My favorite games include New Super Mario Bros., #FireEmblem Awakening, #Splatoon, #EarthBound, #SmashBros, #KidIcarus, and #Zelda, specifically The Wind Waker and its sequels.

I am a cis white DemSoc, and some kind of ace. Please don’t imply that I don’t have feelings.

Ask about my OCs.


Hey, @KBY30

do you ever post/share your fanfiction? I don't think I've seen any.

I mean, there's always

@lapis I have not shared my fanfics publicly, but that is because of a few reasons:

1.) it isn’t even close to finished.

2.) it’s not something you can really release in bits like a traditional fic.

3.) the one I really want to share with people is a sequel that makes absolutely no sense if you haven’t seen the first part, which is also not finished yet.

@KBY30 That makes sense. I wish you luck in your writing!

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