MacMillan dicking over Libraries- The situation 

Basic Gist:
starting next month, whenever a Macmillan title releases, libraries can only buy one digital copy until it's been out for 8 weeks in the hopes that people will get pissed off and buy it themselves.

There is literally no benefit to this, as it fucks over the poor and/or those with disabilities, the authors that want people to buy their goddamn books, etc. I want to remind you: books being in libraries is a win for everyone involved.

MacMillan dicking over Libraries- How to help

Sign this petition the ALA has put together,

they also have sample letters you can write to MacMillan.

If you have Birdsite, fucking tweet at MacMillan about how much they suck.

And of course, in general, just get the word out.

You may get an email from your library about this because they're understandably pissed.

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MacMillan dicking over Libraries- How to help 

@lapis Signed. Macmillan's pricing schedule is already outrageous. This is pure greed.


MacMillan dicking over Libraries- How to help 

@Altivo Thank you, I appreciate it! 💙

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