YAMGBookclub November - Nominations 

: I'm looking for nominations, themed for November OR otherwise. Just a YA or MG book you want to read in November.

YAMGBookclub November - Nominations 

I plan to keep on top of it, but since the next two or so weeks will be extremely busy, if I forget to make a poll, read what you want.

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YAMGBookclub November - Nominations 

@lapis Haven't found nominations yet, but in case anyone's looking for themes, here's a couple links about November observances.

Things I'm noticing:

Food. Just, so much food.
Both trans awareness *and* diabetes awareness, wow!
Family/friends and building/maintaining those connections.

I'm gonna go look for a YA book about a trans diabetic foodie and their support system!

Or, ya know. Some of those things.

YAMGBookclub November - Nominations 

@lapis recs

With the Fire on High - Elizabeth Avecedo

Outrun the Moon - Stacy Lee

Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet - Charlie N. Holmberg

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