YAMG Bookclub Poll - Theme Edition 

Two Caveats-

3 Days!

▪️ I didn't want to fuck with outside polling this time around since we're generally low-polling anyway, and this means I picked two to take off the list.

▪️ Despite this, there are uh, holds and acquisition problems anyway, even on the final list 🤷

The Lost Coast - Amy Rose Capetta ( :ace: 🎃 )

Sawkill Girls - Claire Legrand ( :ace: 🎃 )

If I Ever Get Out Of Here - Eric Gansworth (indigenous)

Hocus Pocus & The All-New Sequel (🎃 )


YAMG Bookclub Poll - Theme Edition 

Final thing that didn't fit:

If something wins that isn't acquirable, I'll figure something out. I'm pretty sure I got access to NoveList. 3 Days gives me plenty of time to figure it out.

Worst Case, it will be "read something thematically appropriate to you" month 😆

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