I think it's Ace Awareness Week (Last week of October) so, I'll give these a shot. Let me know if these aren't good prompts.

How do you feel about romances in books?

Bonus Points: Discuss Jughead.

Bonus Bonus Points: Read a fictional work where romance does not drive the plot, or better yet, a character is somewhere on the asexual spectrum (headcanons are fine, but you must justify them!).

EG: Oh no, He's hot, and he's hot! Who do I choose? ---> Not this book.

1. I read a lot of YA, so I have to resign myself to liking romances usually. Plus, I admit, I'm a shipper. Which also means, sometimes I go "wait X and Y didn't get together, X and Z did!? You know what, romance is bullshit!"


2. I know this is my own damn prompt, but other than cultural osmosis, I only know Jughead through (which I've only watched the 1st season of), so yeah, Bughead times. But I know Jughead only romances food normally. And I'm perfectly okay with that.

3. I read Breadcrumbs. It was pretty good (though I don't normally read Middle Grade) though I really wanted it to stop making references to Narnia. At some point you're like, "okay, I get it!" but I'm a grown-ass adult, so I'm not the audience. I did love the way it wove in other fairy tales. It also stars an adopted Indian girl if you want more PoC protagonist books in your life.

I did think about it more / reread @zephasaurus_hex 's (but don't want to draft and rewrite these).

I totally sympathize with ace!Jughead. Romance is bullshit. I say, never having dated, but eh, I'm okay with that at least for now.


Yesss, let's discuss Jughead. I love and relate to him *so much*.

- Romance makes life complicated and leaves you with less money for food.

- Loyal AF.

- "Weird" things on our heads. In my case it's just hair, but I'm definitely known as "the one with purple hair" to all our customers and strangers comment on it *always*.

- 500% bored with social expectations and games.

Canon ace rep just made him that much better.

There aren't a *lot* of fics for it, but awhile back I was thinking about how ace Juggie would fit in Riverdale and went looking for fic. Found a handful that were specifically about Jughead discovering asexuality or coming out as ace or just talking to friends about what it means for him and it's so great. Made me really happy.

I haven't seen much of that anywhere else and I'd definitely like to see more ace characters and discussion in fic, fan or otherwise.

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