Mini Review of Peanut- I think I missed the point of this comic. It's about a girl faking a peanut allergy. Other than an allusion in the beginning to why a girl always needs to carry an epipen, I think it should have been clearer why it's so messed up to fake it (other than lying about your identity). I did totally get wrapped up in the story though.

@lapis Why would she want to fake it? As someone with a real peanut allergy, it's a pain to deal with.

A lot of the people she's lied to are going to be a little less considerate of the next person they meet with a food allergy. Maybe a little less careful.

@KelsonReads She faked it to get attention as the new kid at school. When she learned about peanut allergies she learned the whole "throat closes up" thing but doesn't seem to click with "faking is bad". So while I'm sympathetic to being lonely and wanting friends I think this may be one of the most messed up ways to go about it.

@lapis Ugh. I was afraid of that. It's an actual stereotype: There are people who believe that food allergies are just being exaggerated to get attention or special treatment. Which of course makes it harder to get them to accommodate the medical condition. That may be less of an issue with peers, but in a restaurant setting, or adults at a school or daycare, or someone helping out with food at an event, it can easily set someone up for real harm.

If it makes you feel better (spoilers) 

@KelsonReads She loses all her friends and everyone at school ignores her from that point on.

If it makes you feel better (spoilers) 

@lapis Not particularly. I just wonder how many readers will reinforce the "people with allergies just want attention" stereotype in their minds.


If it makes you feel better (spoilers) 

@KelsonReads the book addressed that at the beginning with the girl with the actual peanut allergy. But yeah...

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