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Young Adult Middle Grade Bookclub March Nominations 

Put your nominations here, if you want to do any themes, state so.

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Young Adult pick for February is :

"The Stars and the Blackness Between Them" - Janauda Petrus

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YAMGBookClub Backlog 

Love, Hate & Other Filters - Samira Ahmed

Tangerine - Edward Bloor

To Kill a Kingdom - Alexandra Christo

The Bone Witch - Rin Chupeco

Labyrinth Lost - Zoraida Córdova

P.S. Longer Letter Later - Paula Danziger; Ann M. Martin

Star-Crossed - Barbara Dee*

Otherbound - Corinne Duyvis

If I Ever Get Out of Here - Eric Gansworth (Indigenous)

George - Alex Gino*

None of the Above - I. W. Gregorio (Intersex)

Spare and Found Parts - Sarah Maria Griffin (Halloween-y)

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25+ person (pronouns she/they)

This is my book, podcast, and TV account. I never shut up about Riverdale.

Fave Books: Marriage of a Thousand Lies (SJ Sindu), The Song of Achilles (Madeline Miller), Winternight Trilogy (Katherine Arden),

Obsessed with
I run the , which you should join if you want to read or books. My profile has the current book pinned.

My Riffle is in the profile.

Book Blog- @lapis

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For obvious reasons (especially if you've seen the Weed Is Life shit go down) I'm locking this account. I'll probably approve most of y'all but better safe than sorry.

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Taking recommendations for a novel in #Italian. Dystopia and murder mysteries are big favourites :)

(Yes I've already been warned that parts of the book are heavy. Parts of the first book were heavy)

(Also I don't necessarily equate "heaviness" to "literary")

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Me earlier today: I should have a literary book to chew upon. I haven't read one of those in a while.
Mail: *Solutions and Other Problems by Allie Brosh arrives*
Me: Fuck it. Funny blog life is what I need right now.

I get why they're called that, but why not Menvellos - novellas for men

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Reading and Grief 

Like I said privately on my elekk account, my grandmother died yesterday. I have many complicated feelings I won't share here.

Basically, I'm going to try to absorb myself in crochet, games, and reading, though that may not be possible, depending on the arrangements required.

Anyway probably a lot of romances. I have a few stockpiled.

Reading recommendations are welcome.

If anything profound comes of this, I'll write about it.

Here's a sample of books I'm thinking of reading next:

* Autobiography of Malcolm X
* Me and White Supremacy
* When They Call You a Terrorist
* The End of Policing
* Sister Outsider
* An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States
* Who Do You Serve, Who Do You Protect
* Black Skin White Masks
* Freedom is a Constant Struggle
* Why are all The Black Kids sitting together in the cafeteria?

I know this sounds like I listed everything but I didn't. I just have a lot.

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:boost_ok: I've seen a couple helpful lists of Black-owned bookstores, but does anyone know of any Black-owned *used* bookstores/booksellers? I can't afford to pay list price for all the books I want. 📚

Stamped From The Beginning 

Finished it! I'll think for a bit about what to read next that's relevant to this tag.

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Stamped From The Beginning 

And the racism in reporting I was familiar with in Katrina. But I think it was really lost on me how racist the media (and Bush) was in handling of this situation.

I haven't read Bush's post-presidential memoir, but did you know he 1. Did NOT cut taxes to benefit the rich, 2. that he did NOT lie about the Weapons of Mass Destruction we never found 3. Also being called a racist about hurricane Katrina made him sad.

Good. Fuck him.

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Stamped From The Beginning 

Okay I realize I sound oblivious saying this but I did NOT realize "Ebonics" came from "Ebony" + "Phonics".

I'm also learning that the "Colorblind" policy may have been partially inspired by mapping the genome and such.

And DAMN, Kendi is NOT holding back on the Florida debacle in the 2000 election or "No Child Left Behind"

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Anyone out there that likes #books and has the Kobo Libra H2O? Anything you dislike about it? I am looking to get one soon.

I have a Kindle Keyboard that I'm quite happy with, but I'd like the capability to use other formats and purchase from other stores.

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I am so tired of people talking about this being a "lost year" in regards to school.

Teachers and support staff are working incredibly hard to provide meaningful education. The methods have changed, but the drive is real.

Don't call it a lost year like we've all given up and are just relaxing until the physical buildings open back up.

Part of me wants to put goodreads back on my phone but I next to never read a physical book anymore, and the scanner is the only good part of it.

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Major publishers are a major pain in the ass to libraries when it comes to eBooks:

"86% of the ebooks from that list have to be repurchased on a regular basis, most commonly after 24 months, even if the book is never checked out."

"The average price of an ebook that has to be repurchased is $49.48."

Publishers are he fucking worst with their eBooks and libraries are taking it in the chin.

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I discovered 3 reading challenges last month. Now I have to find all these specific works.

Taking all your #reading recs (FR or EN) that fulfill any of the following:

• woman from the caribbean/india
• anthology by multiple women
• japanese woman or by a woman and set in japan
• arab woman
• lgbtq+ woman
• relative of a celebrity
• debut novel by queer author
• memoir by someone religious, but not christian
• by a native, first nations, indigenous author

• by a woman, about climate change
• winner of the stella prize or the women’s prize for fiction
• featuring afrofuturism or africanfuturism, by a woman
• about food, by a woman
• a classic in the young adult dystopia genre
• related to the 2020 Olympics
• mystery where the victim(s) aren't women
• book with a title starting with j, q, x or z
• indie horror book
• middle grade, but not in the US/UK
• romance starring a single parent

• picture book by a POC woman
• by a woman, adapted to a movie
• <100 pages, by a woman
• graphic memoir
• play by a POC and/or LGBT author
• poetry audiobook
• sci-fi / fantasy <120 pages

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Get your politics out of my inherently subversive, anti-corporate, anti-bioessentialist genre!!!!!!

#gameing #cyberpunk

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Trump, fascism 

Claims that "left wing indoctrination" has led to "left wing rioting and mayhem" is not only to demonize the left. It's a rationale for instituting *right* wing indoctrination in place of education that'd deemed degenerate.

And on cue, a "national commission to promote patriotic education" is being founded.

Seriously, if you don't feel a chill run down your spine reading that name, you're not paying attention.

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tiny zsh thing that is driving me up a wall, please help me 

I want esc-delete to delete back to `/` characters??? the same way it will delete to spaces or `'` characters??? is there any humanly possible way to make this happen?

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