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The Lost Coast Is our October read! Get your reserves in now!

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Hello folx! For September's club pick, we are reading "Forest of a Thousand Lanterns" by Julia C. Dao!

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For obvious reasons (especially if you've seen the Weed Is Life shit go down) I'm locking this account. I'll probably approve most of y'all but better safe than sorry.

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Poll Ended!

August we are reading Wilder Girls by Rory Power!

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25+ College Grad.

Fave Books: The Notebook, The Proof, The Third Lie (Agota Kristof)

Fave Authors: Agota Kristof, Madeline Miller, C.S. Friedman, Tamora Pierce, Yoko Ogawa, Kristin Cashore

Fave Genres: Young Adult anything, Fantasy, Literary

I would love to discuss Young Adult or JP Lit with somebody.

Riffle and GR in profile.

Main account @lapis
Blog @lapis

Trying to find a Recap for the new CW show. I've found a few things that cover it as part of a bigger ND universe, which doesn't help me, because all my ND experiences were when I was like, 10.

Riverdale S2:E17 

Nancy Drew Ep 2 

YAMGBookclub November - Nominations 

Overdrive isn't working at the library and I'm brokenhearted

And Ron made them honary weasleys and Hermieony told Harry that being a cop feeds the power of the police state. Harry realized he was a power fantasy and vanished into thin air. Also Hufflepuff won the housecup the next three years and it wasn't for reasons like "Has a name that starts with an H" but no one cared.

"We're hear to stop you Voldedork!"
"u fool," Voldimort said, "don't u realize u brought the horcruxes to me?"
Ron said something of no help and threw the golden snitch at Voldimort. Silly jock.
"We studied history," Hermeone said. "Expellus faecum!" she said, pointing to the horcruxes.
"Not the shit dimension!" Voldimort said.
"That's write!" Harry said, "A fate worse than death for the death eatter!"
The trio pointed their wands at Voltimort and shouted "Expellus faecum!"
Voltimord screamed.

That's the backup plan though. 😝 I just emailed my brother and told him when it comes and to block out the date because I want it and there are no bookstores here that have it signed.

Okay good news is if I fail out of school, my local indie at home will have signed copies! 🀣

YAMGBookclub November - Nominations 

Soundtrack for YAMGBookclub pick 

How good is streaming? Can you only see the latest episode?

If not, are all their series available?

If so, what should I watch (already watched Nancy Drew, still working on Riverdale on Netflix)

I don't want to relive my teenage years, but somehow watching this stuff never gets old.

A crab episode of came out and now I don't want to work.

Just want to knit and listen to people talk about GIANT CRABS.

Looking for trans voices/opinions.

The next episode we're recording for Spooky Church is on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina chapter 15: Dr Cerberus's House of Horror.

One of the three shorts in this is a pretty horrific body horror type story centered on Theo's dysphoria. I relate to it a lot and think it's good, but I'm just one voice and I'm curious how other people responded to it, especially other trans folks.

Boosts welcome.

I need to find a way to carry it outside because I think it would be very fun to read on a nice autumn day outside in the park.

Btw, I _am_ reading the title of the month, I'm just only 50 some pages in because it's a pain to carry around with me (I have legit broken bags from carrying too many novels before, so maybe a kobo is enough you know?) and not much has happened yet other than the setup, but I AM reading it.

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