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Hello folx! For September's club pick, we are reading "Forest of a Thousand Lanterns" by Julia C. Dao!

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For obvious reasons (especially if you've seen the Weed Is Life shit go down) I'm locking this account. I'll probably approve most of y'all but better safe than sorry.

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Poll Ended!

August we are reading Wilder Girls by Rory Power!

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Hey club:
The book for July is "The First Rule of Punk" by Celia C. Pérez.

If borrowing: I think you want this one physical. I've heard it has drawings in it, but if you're reading on like, a phone or tablet (like a Fire) it's probably fine.

The other ones I've heard raved about, especially George, so I'll probably check them out too, if anyone wants to talk about them too.

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25+ College Grad.

Fave Books: The Notebook, The Proof, The Third Lie (Agota Kristof)

Fave Authors: Agota Kristof, Madeline Miller, C.S. Friedman, Tamora Pierce, Yoko Ogawa, Kristin Cashore

Fave Genres: Young Adult anything, Fantasy, Literary

I would love to discuss Young Adult or JP Lit with somebody.

Riffle and GR in profile.

Main account @lapis
Blog @lapis


Riverdale S2:E16 

Riverdale S2:E16 

Riverdale S2:E16 

@zephasaurus_hex It's 6 AM and there is NO NEW EPISODE to put into my ears!!!! Give me your lunch money or something!

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Dear USA people 

I finished "Forest of a Thousand Lanterns" today. Which may have been a poor choice. Not for spoiler reasons.

More for, I wanted something to read in front of my happy light, and I was at like, the 66% mark, figured I'd read for 30 minutes, and at some point figured I was close to finishing the story.

A while later I finished. You're supposed to get 20-60 minutes of light, and I think I got at least 80. 😅

My head hurts...

just sent me an email saying "It's your turn to marry for money". It's like they know I want to marry an American Man just to steal his house! Mwahahaha! 😈

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What's a better host for comics? Tapas (allows NSFW) or Webtoons (does not) or any other (or just post in all of them)?

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I'm not getting into the "spoilers" aspect of it.

I don't like introductions in Classics and such because they seem to assume I've already read the thing, which seems to defeat the point of the very WORD "introduction".

On the other hand, I'm pretty sure the distilling it's doing in this assignment is better than I will get from reading Rousseau.

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Introductions: Yes / No, and Why

YAMGBookclub October: Nominations + Idea 

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I think the kids are too busy with school. I can actually check out a bunch of titles with no waiting list. (unless I'm so uncool that "With the Fire on High" is no longer cool)

Forest of a Thousand Lanterns ~40% 

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¿Adonde comprar libros impresos españoles y iberoamericanos en el Internet?

- en la UE
- no Amazon

Estoy en Finlande, así que despacho internacional es esencial.

#libros #books #español #spanish

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Very very important news: for my library, at least, Mariko Tamaki's Harley Quinn graphic novel is available to borrow on Hoopla!

It is called "Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass" and looks completely amazing. Don't you want to see a Harley reimagined w/o her identity revolving around Joker? I sure do!

Also it's Tamaki and Poison Ivy's a major character, so I'm betting it's at least a LITTLE gay.

Riverdale S2:E14 

Monster Pulse 

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