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26 years old , studying anthropology.

Fave Authors: Agota Kristof, Madeline Miller, C.S. Friedman, Yukio Mishima, Tamora Pierce

Fave Books: The Notebook, The Proof, The Third Lie (Agota Kristof) - Plz read

Fave Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Literature

I would love to discuss YA or Japanese lit with somebody! Though most things are fine honestly.

GR profile in this profile.

Main account: @lapis

Am I wrong for being bitter that I'm getting overdue notices and charges for:
1- Something I returned
2- A YA item. My library decided they weren't going to do charges for "youth materials" anymore. That's key. Not like, youth library cards (though this is targeted at the youth) just youth material returned late.

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Stardew Valley fic I founds CWs Show more

No YOU'RE the one that was playing this week to cheer yourself up!

And then I began my descent, looking for fic featuring my husband (well, not in this file, but it's only a matter of time) Shane.


If I have things you need to borrow
by viveriveniversumvivusvici55

It's ongoing (updated recently) and has _not_ done Shane's 6 heart event yet (CWs next post) if it's going to.

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Hey, does anybody have good recommendations of sci-fi/fantasy with lgbt+ characters/relationships? I was looking through my Goodreads and found that to be a pretty glaring omission. Boosts appreciated. #Books #Scifi #Fantasy

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So if I want to buy an ebook of Tiamat's Wrath, whats the least bad place to buy a copy from?

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But seriously. I'm treated like I'm goddamn 16. Not 26. It's fucked up. I know I'm disabled and can't live by myself, but that doesn't mean you can't treat me like a godddamn adult.

I should NOT have to justify my purchases! I'm 27 next month!

1. Amazon is garbage.
2. I don't want to share my books with my Dad because I have to justify every single book to him, (see why I never bought sexy books when I had a kindle)
3. I couldn't get any apps, because I'd hear about "safety" from someone who is addicted to a candy crush clone.
4. Amazon is evil.
5. I wouldn't piss on Bezos if he was on fire.

I was thinking about reposting one of my old reviews, but that was before when I still liked anthropology.
NO. Now I would have to edit it and go on a tangent about decolonizing anthropology and tbh that might take away from the review?

I'm not sure if I was deceived or bought a book without looking too much into it.

I'm ashamed to admit this. I bought something in James Patterson's YA label. It's not written DIRECTLY by him. (but I'm not sure if I want to read it...) So I didn't notice until a couple weeks ago when "why the fuck is James Patterson's name on this book in my e-reader"

Seriously, how the hell did this happen? And please tell me about unwise purchases so I feel better.

Okay, Friday that makes everyone as uncomfortable as possible without erotica or fetishes!

Let's go back in time, enjoy some Beatles RPF. I believe that stands for Real Person

Eau de Parfum


I mean I hope it doesn't seem like I'm pissing on content creators here. The 20% ad part I get in theory, even if I don't like it.
But spending 4x as much time "networking" instead of doing anything that should actually be in the job description? I don't get that.

I got 2 explanations for the Pareto Rule (80:20). For a it seems to be 20% content, 80% marketing your shit*. For misc content creation, it seems to be 80% free content, 20% paid/ads.

* Seriously. Maybe this is why I've never been a successful blogger? I want to write instead of spending 4x as much time promoting shit on social media? I mean tweaking your pages for your audience, I _get_ that. Spamming on social media, I don't.

something feels VERY wrong with this.

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oh, yeah, I meant to tell y'all about this

it's just one background couple, but hey, it's somethin'

"Donald Duck to feature lesbian couple after request from 10-year-old"

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Hm, the blog set up looks a bit interesting. I don't have time to mess with/learn it this morning (well, I _do_ but I shouldn't 😉 ) I assume I will put book reviews there, but I hadn't actually committed yet! We shall see.

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Yayyyyyy our blog site is up now!!!!!!

You can find it at

It's currently invite only but just send me a private message to get the link.

And to clarify: lewd fine. Fetish fine. Just nothing that makes me want to vomit.

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