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26 years old , studying anthropology.

Fave Authors: Agota Kristof, Madeline Miller, C.S. Friedman, Yukio Mishima, Tamora Pierce

Fave Books: The Notebook, The Proof, The Third Lie (Agota Kristof) - Plz read

Fave Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Literature

I would love to discuss YA or Japanese lit with somebody! Though most things are fine honestly.

GR profile in this profile.

Main account: @lapis

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Whenever I read a paper book and I get distracted by my phone for example I sometimes tap it reflexively so it "won't go out", like my Kindle would...

Winter of the Witch
😍 I have been since it came out. It's really long.

Hey Hey Hey Hey folx! I found out about a new / online!

It has people I've heard of, and for you, my friends:

🚨 They accept submissions 🚨 , and they __especially__ want 🚨 marginalized voices!🚨

Yes, they are a paying market.

I thought folx on the fediverse might want to know.

"So You Want To Talk About Race" by Ijeoma Oluo. About 40% through. Got it from the but I think I may need to buy it because it honestly seems like a great reference. It has the best explanation for checking your privilege I've ever seen. Like, I don't think I was fully examining it before. I do get it's a continuous process though.

Yes. keeps statistics. Is it weird I look at these and go "I need to listen to even _more_ in 2019" instead of going "Gee maybe I should get a life"? And other than language lessons these are 100% podcasts. Tried last year. Zone out too much for them.

Yessss, had another digression about Transformers Sex (I was going to bring you Transformers Erotica for because I loved the first digression so much, but I thought maybe this was too much.) They should do this digression every time. Just make it a segment.

I get it for library reasoning (organization- Dewey Decimal) but having a big-ass display that says "New Nonfiction" and having two issues of there raises questions??????

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How long after a book is published does it not require a CW for spoilers? Is 600 years enough?

I read Trade 2 on January 2nd (yes, use your / to mark when you finish books, even if/especially if you want to do a full review later!) So good. My brother wanted me to stop so I'd play Smash Brothers, but not even for Smash! I'll either read the next today/this weekend or more Squirrel Girl.

Btw, while I'm shilling for Winternight, if you're a / fan, I highly recommend reading it.

It has a similar feel in "why can't girls do this?" (prose is totally different though), and Tamora Pierce Blurbed the first book, so you know it's good. Even if I hated her books (never), I'd still love her taste.

While I reread the previous books while I wait for Winter of the Witch to come out, I want to reflect on something and hopefully help others.

When I was younger I didn't read series until they were done. What if the series went bad?

I understand where I come from. Problem is, there's a worse problem from not reading (yes even from the library) the books as they come out: the series could get canceled due to lack of demand. Now you'll never know how it ends.

Read in the moment. .

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Btw the senility is not intended as an ageist slam. I pitched this idea to my brother and he suggested the senility is a side effect of some serum? He knows slightly more about the guy than me.

I had an idea for fanfiction (or a comic? Come on, hire me!) despite knowing nothing about him. The uh... original Captain America is a ghost, and haunts a new one, a jaded millennial or younger. (absolutely crucial they are jaded/cynical though)

There are generational differences, and it's clear that Original CA is senile.

New CA keeps trying various religions to exorcise him, but it doesn't work.

At no point does actual combat go on.

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Sabrina Yule Special Show more

Me: my back hurts. I can go to the library if I don't go hog wild.
Me: *checks out 9 things*
Me: oops.

This is called "all your holds coming in at once."

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Oh shit. I think my kindle is "broken". (It's not taking a charge)

I told my dad I'd look into it. I'm hoping I can fix it so I don't get sent a new one.

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