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🚨 As a notice: 🚨

If you want to join Standard Mastodon (instead of a fork) on a quiet instance (I'm by far the most active member 🤣 ) please DM me for an invite to Booktoot dot club, an instance for discussing books and other stuff (it is not a crime to discuss podcasts or riverdale or videogames or whatever lol).

I love this instance, and I would love to have more book-buddies! 🥰

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Okay since no one nominated anything this week, energy seems kinda low so I'm just nominating / mandating Aristotle & Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz for October. I normally wouldn't, but it was such a close poll last time that I feel like I'd be doing it a disservice to not have the club read it.

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25+ person (they/them please)
This is my book, podcast, and TV account. Riverdale tooting is supposed to happen on this account, but it usually can't be contained!

Fave books: The Book of Lies Trilogy (Agota Kristof),
Song of Achilles (Madeline Miller)
Wayward Children Series (Seanan McGuire)

I run which I hope to resurrect this year if there's interest.

Storygraph is in the profile, I'm also on if you happen to be!

Blog -

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I hold the distinction of being one of two people (at least in the Western World) that have read both Brave Story and the Book of Heroes, both by Miyuki Miyabe.

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YAMGBookClub Backlog 

Love, Hate & Other Filters - Samira Ahmed

Tangerine - Edward Bloor

To Kill a Kingdom - Alexandra Christo

The Bone Witch - Rin Chupeco

Labyrinth Lost - Zoraida Córdova

P.S. Longer Letter Later - Paula Danziger; Ann M. Martin

Star-Crossed - Barbara Dee*

Otherbound - Corinne Duyvis

If I Ever Get Out of Here - Eric Gansworth (Indigenous)

George - Alex Gino*

None of the Above - I. W. Gregorio (Intersex)

Spare and Found Parts - Sarah Maria Griffin (Halloween-y)

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SFF Meta, Puppies, sort of rant 

Now, many folks 'associated' with the Puppies didn't want to be. At least half a dozen people on the Puppies Hugo Slates withdrew from the Hugos rather than be supported by those assholes. So just because someone is listed in a compilation of PUppy slates or what not doesn't make them an asshole.

But friends of Torgerson, Correria, and other puppy leaders? Probably not people you want to support.

I sure as hell don't.

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transphobia, us politics, abortion, suicide mentioned 

Gentle reminder that abortion access is DEFINITELY an LGBTQ+ issue. This moment has a lot of cis-het female voices, and it should, but the immediate ramifications are going to hit anyone with a uterus -- lesbian and bi cis women, trans men, nonbinary people.

It's also going to affect all femme people, with and without uteruses. It will change the way they are treated and looked at by others, consciously or subconsciously.

That is part of the point of this judicial regression.

Include the concerns of all trans and nonbinary people in your activism for abortion rights, please. Especially those of pre-transition trans men. This group needs to be vocally and specifically included in calls for activism.

Forcing those guys to go through with pregnancies isn't just cruel, it's going to be an actual suicide trigger for some. Believe me.

They are more at risk from this legislation than the average person is. And they will have exponentially fewer resources, and exponentially fewer people to help them -- as usual.

Boosts appreciated.

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I can’t believe I haven’t found anything so, time to ask for recs

Any fiction material dealing with aromantic people?

Anywhere on that spectrum! I am not picky! Comics, books, movies, whatever you have got


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For my fellow native-and-wild-plant US people, I found a great app/website.

It's called wildflower search.

What I love about this one is (inspite of the name), you can use it to ID grass or moss or trees.

Do you ahve any idea how long I've been looking for a good tool to ID grass?!

(Okay, I may be late to the game on this one -- it looks like an older website. But I love this thing!)

Apps are state specific.

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Gentle reminder; don't brag about your cool crimes (like doing graffiti) on here. It's not a secure place. That's how people get caught. In general, it's important to learn to be happy being a secret bad ass.

If you need help doing cool crimes, only tell one or two people you'd trust with your life. Make sure they won't tell anyone, even if they get arrested. The Weather Underground and the people who exposed CoIntelPro got away with it because they all kept quiet.

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This feed will post nothing serious between now and Sunday morning.

Have a friendly robot.

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I wish libby had nicer filtering options. It'd be nice to filter things on my wishlist tag like "show all available romances" or something

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Trying to check out romances with libby today, but my internet keeps crapping out. Relying on my phone as an access point sort of works, but it's hard to browse.

Anyway, given today's events the plan is to check out a bunch of fluff.

I mean I want to be clear: this is annoying but not world-ending, and usually it leads to "wait this book is about WEREWOLVES and Lyme disease? Cool!" once I start reading it.

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You know one of the "Cool" things about ECTs and TBR lists?

I cannot remember WHY I wanted to read a book. I don't mean that in a "this SUCKS" way, I mean,

I will add a book to my TBR and / or Libby because something sounds cool about the book (maybe from a podcast? I listen to a lot of them) but then when it comes time to check them one out, it's hard for it to stand out unless it has a cool cover or something. Because I remember NOTHING about it.

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I remember last January committing to move my newsletter off of Substack, but I don't remember why, and I can't find my notes on good alternatives.

And I wouldn't even be thinking of this right now if I wasn't pissed off about how I can't get tomorrows newsletter to format properly...

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My birthday present arrived!

Bound by His Oath is now available on Smashwords, Amazon & other platforms.

There are many historical romance novels where the feisty heroine is forced into marriage with the alpha male hero. Eventually she learns to love and submit to her new lord, and they live happily every after. In a distant future, this story is playing out again -- with one minor difference.

Reimund thinks he has it made. Mildthryth isn’t having any of it.

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The copyright on the original work is expired, so there's no law on Heaven or Earth that can keep you from writing a manga adaptation of The Metamorphosis by Kafka where Gregor Samsa turns into a cute trans bug girl & fights giant alien robots

Me: Oh New Book from Cat Sebastian? Maybe I should see which ones I don't own and put them on a wishlist.

Kobo, gently, after I open a new tab for a specific book: already own this book.

(times like, 8)

I think it's partially the interface? Like, If I own a book, I probably don't need to see if it's 11 dollars or w/e. I mean, I suppose I do, if I want to make other people buy the book, but the point is I find the UI unfriendly.

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anyway, filter in my camera got scratched, if you enjoy my work and wanna pitch in for repairs/new camera

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