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Okay the August book is "The Bone Witch" by Rin Chupeco!

As a heads up, some family problems are happening on my end. I don't Think this will impact my ability to run bookclub, but I'm mentioning it now just in case I'm around a little less.

Awaiting July book reports with bated breath! 😉

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25+ person (they/them please)
This is my book, podcast, and TV account. Riverdale tooting is supposed to happen on this account, but it usually can't be contained!

Fave books: The Book of Lies Trilogy (Agota Kristof),
Song of Achilles (Madeline Miller)
Wayward Children Series (Seanan McGuire)

I run which I hope to resurrect this year if there's interest.

Storygraph is in the profile, I'm also on if you happen to be!

Blog -

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I hold the distinction of being one of two people (at least in the Western World) that have read both Brave Story and the Book of Heroes, both by Miyuki Miyabe.

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YAMGBookClub Backlog 

Love, Hate & Other Filters - Samira Ahmed

Tangerine - Edward Bloor

To Kill a Kingdom - Alexandra Christo

The Bone Witch - Rin Chupeco

Labyrinth Lost - Zoraida Córdova

P.S. Longer Letter Later - Paula Danziger; Ann M. Martin

Star-Crossed - Barbara Dee*

Otherbound - Corinne Duyvis

If I Ever Get Out of Here - Eric Gansworth (Indigenous)

George - Alex Gino*

None of the Above - I. W. Gregorio (Intersex)

Spare and Found Parts - Sarah Maria Griffin (Halloween-y)

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For obvious reasons (especially if you've seen the Weed Is Life shit go down) I'm locking this account. I'll probably approve most of y'all but better safe than sorry.

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With Australia being as crap as most other countries to working class disabled folk, if anyone has some spare change so I could buy some prescription antibiotics and insulin that would be grand. The joys of capitalism and blocking immigrants from applying for benefits during crisis times, innit?

#TransCrowdfund #Fundraising

Giving myself a gut punch by "The Female of the Species" by Mindy McGinnis again.

(CWs for death, gore, violence, and sexual assault. It takes these things seriously, but it is fucking rough to read)

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I've set up a account for a short story I'm writing based on the characters in my novel. You can find it at


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I posted this early morning but maybe you were asleep then, so let's repeat it: It's my birthday!

I am also adding French names to my setting. I got to make sure they make sense before I add them (no ones based on a titular God, none based on greek myth, not place names, etc).

the French should consider having less names imo. this is taking FOREVER

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This year's long list for the Booker Prize looks less political than the last couple of years. Hopefully, we get something focused on literary merit.


Rachel Cusk’s singular novel stands out on wide-ranging Booker longlist

#Books #BookerPrize

Keeping in mind my ECT and such, I wanna try doing . I assume I build my world (for readers) this day.

One detail that seems small but is very important is that there are no moons but instead rings.

(50% inspired by Marie Brennan's books on worldbuilding and 50% on this article's pictures )

So I have to be really careful not like, letting characters be named for a non-existent moon lol.

But a name like "Ring"? More likely than you think

A reference to an old superman comic 

Does Batman have a problem with people putting pennies in their ears?

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IMAGINE THIS! You're a billionaire, you have a penis-shaped rocket and you're going to space. What 2 to 3 songs are going to be on your "I'm fucking rich and I'm one of the first people out here. I could be the first person to listen to ____ in space" playlist?
Send them to me
🔴 per DM in reply to this toot 🔴
Here are the rules:

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Question: what is a good site to post a serial short story? I'm not too crazy about Wattpad, and I have this story I'm working on from the world of my series set in 1920s St. Augustine, Florida. It's a lot of fun to write, and I would love to find some readers for it.


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can anyone recommend me a book on Sumerian gender and sexuality?

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Something to think about: even when publishing through a publisher, there can be costs. For example, per my contract, my royalties are reduced while I pay off my cover design (which is not a large cost). Each company is different, so be sure to clarify with your publisher. My publisher makes an appointment to go over every word of the contract so that you know what to expect and can ask questions. You want somebody like that who is transparent about the contract.

#publishing #novels

I liked a lot of pretentious books in my early 20s so I really liked "rule breakers" as a rule and not if the book was itself good. Kind of want to smack early 20s me.

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I was trying to describe literary fiction to my brother (because I was looking at the Booker long list) and becoming frustrated because there's no good way to describe it.

Basically a book is Literary Fiction when it seemingly doesn't belong anywhere else, or the author is not known to write Genre Fiction. I don't think it has to break rules as a requirement, but I feel like Literary fiction is freer to do so.

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Hello, Fediverse! I am an author who will be published under Balance of Seven small-press publishing and I'm so very excited! I plan to use this account to talk about the experience of being published. I am currently through my developmental edits and am coming into my copyedits stage.

#amwriting #writing #novel #publishing

"This Poison Heart" is very good but it ends on a cliffhanger so I'm waiting for the next one impatiently

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Mini Kindle Vella review 

I can honestly tell you all, in 1 week, I spent more money on Kindle Vella than buying audiobooks. I just can't enjoy this new reading experience when it is basically micro transactions in books. I hear all the time about how Gen Z loves micro transactions in books, but, like, why? The episodic format doesn't work for me because I've found some really good writers but it felt gross that I was unlocking chapters. #WritingCommunity #writing #Book #books

Okay the August book is "The Bone Witch" by Rin Chupeco!

As a heads up, some family problems are happening on my end. I don't Think this will impact my ability to run bookclub, but I'm mentioning it now just in case I'm around a little less.

Awaiting July book reports with bated breath! 😉

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More Sabrina is coming. In my favorite format. Two different series even!

Also Dorcas is on the cover of the one that's a continuation of the Netflix show and I'm really hoping that actually means something.

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re: Begpost, Injured Pet 

Whoever sent that: thank you.

That's like. $25 closer than what we initially had.

$25 + $68 (from selling books) + the cash advance (which we just saw come through!!) + initial amount == not quite comfortable with it but we MIGHT be able to do this but it's like. Just barely.

We might take work off tomorrow, to see if we can get him into an appointment. Or use the emergency vet clinic, but that's super expensive because the intake is like twice the regular vet's intake and he doesn't seem like he's dying yet (that's...what we're trying to avoid here) we still think his leg needs attention soon.

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