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Young Adult Middle Grade Bookclub March Nominations 

Put your nominations here, if you want to do any themes, state so.

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Young Adult pick for February is :

"The Stars and the Blackness Between Them" - Janauda Petrus

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YAMGBookClub Backlog 

Love, Hate & Other Filters - Samira Ahmed

Tangerine - Edward Bloor

To Kill a Kingdom - Alexandra Christo

The Bone Witch - Rin Chupeco

Labyrinth Lost - Zoraida Córdova

P.S. Longer Letter Later - Paula Danziger; Ann M. Martin

Star-Crossed - Barbara Dee*

Otherbound - Corinne Duyvis

If I Ever Get Out of Here - Eric Gansworth (Indigenous)

George - Alex Gino*

None of the Above - I. W. Gregorio (Intersex)

Spare and Found Parts - Sarah Maria Griffin (Halloween-y)

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25+ person (pronouns she/they)

This is my book, podcast, and TV account. I never shut up about Riverdale.

Fave Books: Marriage of a Thousand Lies (SJ Sindu), The Song of Achilles (Madeline Miller), Winternight Trilogy (Katherine Arden),

Obsessed with
I run the , which you should join if you want to read or books. My profile has the current book pinned.

My Riffle is in the profile.

Book Blog- @lapis

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For obvious reasons (especially if you've seen the Weed Is Life shit go down) I'm locking this account. I'll probably approve most of y'all but better safe than sorry.

Riverdale S3:E15 

Subtitles: Sheriff Keller chuckles

But he's no longer sheriff! You need a new title for him!

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I’m a big fan of homeopathy. Once I had a headache, drank a glass of water, and got better.

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@lapis eeek! i'm so excited, and also glad to see a sign she's okay. her blog/book are so funny and the depression parts so relatable.

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@lapis this is so good to hear. Brosh is one of those people who i think of relatively often and hope she's doing OK wherever she is.

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@t54r4n1 :boost_ok: Ideas for a shortcode for a 'please reply with a caption' emoji #accessibility

Stamped From The Beginning 

Ok onto part 4 with W. E. B. Du Bois

It's talking about the birth of plantation fiction which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.

There's this good part talking about black historians. Don't revise and allow the racist shit in as "fact". Do revise and you're not "being objective"

Du Bois has this idea of the strong Black woman and the weak Black man.

And Du Bois goes north to Harvard.

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My stack from the library.

I know what I am - Siciliano
Crowded vol 1 - sebela
Your black friend & other strangers - Passmore
The fire never goes out - Stevenson
Be Everything At Once - Lee
I am Pusheen the Cat - Belton
Stargazing - Wang
Stepping Stones- Kinsley
Grease Bats - Bongiovanni

How are these Bundles quality-wise?

I'd be reading the comics on my pc I think, which makes me reluctant to read them (I say, but I read scanlations so 🤷 )

Would like thoughts on the and

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autism as a trend/fad 

Seeing some neurotypicals talking like autistic people have recruited people who weren't autistic into some autism trend or fad, or even brainwashed them into a cult.
It's hogwash, obviously. Like it's some kind of 'Rapid Onset Autism' or something.
Trans people know this denial device well.
So do gay people.
It only looks sudden to someone who you were hiding it from, who doesn't know you've been struggling and grappling with shame about it for years, or even your whole life, without letting people know.
For trans and other LGBTQ+ people it's a closet, for autistic people it's masking.

Have you sanitized your e-reader (or phone) recently?

I use rubbing alcohol and q tips on mine.

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this is a random thought i just had:

was thinkin' about the difference between readin' a book in original vs. readin' translated, and how the translator puts their own connotations and lens on it.
then, if you learn a language an' read the original, you still have the lens of your own experiences and connotations.
an', this all meaning, even in your native language, every book you read is unique to you an' only you. which is kinda magic, when ya' think about it.

sorry for da long post

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out of sheer curiosity, how do you all know where you left off in a book?

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(It’s “The Child and the Shadow” - very worth reading, but alas I only have a jstor link: )

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Have I got anybody around who speaks any of the Algonquian dialects? I need an expert opinion on a thing. #amwriting #writing

We need an "oh no" person from emoji. The bubble too.


Libby: "Again Again" is ready to borrow!
Me: Oh Yes :blobcheer:
Lincoln City Libraries: You have like 10 of 14 holds available, pick them up before Tuesday or you'll owe us like 5 bucks.
Me: Oh no

Have I written posts like this before? Yes. That's why we need the emoji. Because I never learn.

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The latest E-Book & Comic Humble Bundle is The Be the Change Bundle, and it is amazing!

Focused on expressions about and by people of color, it includes like The Body is Not An Apology, A Time on Two Crosses: The Collected Writings of Bayard Rustin, Black Dynamite, Souls of Black Folks, and many more!

All DRM-free and in multiple formats.

#books #ebooks #drmfree #comics #bundle

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