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YAMG Bookclub - December 

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25+ Graduate Student Studying in (Tell me about please!)

This is my book, podcast, and TV account!

Fave Books: Marriage of a Thousand Lies (SJ Sindu), The Song of Achilles (Madeline Miller), Winternight Trilogy (Katherine Arden),

Fave Genres: Young Adult or Middle Grade anything, Fantasy, Literary,

Please talk to me about Young Adult or JP Lit!

My Riffle is in my profile!

Main account @lapis
Blog @lapis

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Okay Folx,

November's read is "With the Fire On High" by Elizabeth Acevedo!

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The Lost Coast Is our October read! Get your reserves in now!

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For obvious reasons (especially if you've seen the Weed Is Life shit go down) I'm locking this account. I'll probably approve most of y'all but better safe than sorry.

Nagging my brother so he will preorder Infinity Son so I can get a signed copy.

You know what, I have my problems with my town (like the bus system) but if I have good bookstores that can get signed copies of stuff, maybe that's good enough?

Anyway I know that seems weird to talk about from a book account, but it was precipitated by a book so 🤷

Honestly maybe it's my currently fucked up brain chemistry or maybe I've finally figured out something about myself, but I don't particularly care if you find me sexually appealing! I don't want to fuck you. My beauty goals are passable skin. That's about it. The only reason I don't want to be fat is because people are assholes. So it's just like autism in that sense.

Also I think she got into this early on, but hasn't touched on it since. Fat men are dozens of times more acceptable than fat women. So let's never forget the fatphobia/misia is about misogyny too.

People have different body types and that should be fucking ok. I want us to stop demonizing fat people. I want to be able to eat something when I'm hanging out with people without worrying it's creating an association in their mind of fat person and food.

I'm sharing this here partially because I'm not sure I know anyone physically that would appreciate this insight.

I started Shrill and realized with its help we harp on the US's "obesity problem" without looking at other things, like if these people are fat AND unhealthy, could it be our fucked up healthcare, could it be our fucked up food systems where you can be so far from fresh food? Can it be fucking poverty?

And spoiler: there's a reason I put those two traits as separate

This might be a silly question but when a podcast talks about where you can find their podcast (or recommends another) and gives the apple podcasts, spotify and whatever google's is line,

I just get a bit confused.

I know you CAN listen to podcasts from your computer, but I don't find it seamless, you know, isn't it easier to assume I found your podcast by using my podcatcher and searching it?

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Maybe we're not addicted to the internet, but addicted to friends ✨

Ok hearing two people. I'm thinking someone who isn't used to podcasting stuff uploaded a raw file or something before.

Well i can hear the ad? Thats in theory an improvement since before it was a 1 2 3 clap and then over a minute of silence and walking around

Oh the podcast popped up in my rss again. Let's hope this version works because I DO like this podcast. I don't want it to be unlistenable.

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Please fedi I beg of you does ANYONE have a link to that tweet of toby macguire from Spiderman 3 that says "this one goes out to all the guys that just became fucking Spiderman"

Shaving question 

Shaving question 

I hadn't truly heard bad podcasting until I could only hear one person of a two person show. Did the other not record????

Just... throw it out.
Just listen to it before you publish it. I genuinely thought my headphones broke.

(I am not subtooting anyone at least that I am aware of)

Riverdale S3:E7 

Riverdale S3:E7 

Riverdale S3:E7 

Riverdale S3:E7 

So what if I wanted to get into the idea of without getting on Instagram? Like on here or on Pixelfed. What hashtag(s) would you use?

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