Your semi regular reminder that labels are meant to aid understanding, not dictate behavior

If someone or something doesn't fit a label exactly right then it is the label which is the wrong not the person or thing

Would anyone on here who reads braille mind giving me a little advice? I don't, but I'd like to make tactile visualizations of things like the black hole picture and want the labels to be intelligible. Thanks! Boosts welcome.
#braille #blind

Fediverse #SFFBookClub May selection poll is up. Just three entries this month.

Vote for as many as you like. Books that get at least three votes but are not selected will return in future polls.

#Books #SFF #ScienceFiction #SciFi #Fantasy

Trail of Lightning, ramble, spoilers, end Show more

Trail of Lightning, ramble, spoilers, end Show more

Trail of Lightning, ramble, spoilers, end Show more

Trail of Lightning, ramble, spoilers, end Show more

So I have recently come back to Mastadon (mainly and I'm looking for more people to follow.
Specifically looking for people interested in:

#laboratory / #laboratory_science

And like pretty much anything else similar to the above. So if you toot a lot of things related to the above I would greatly appreciate if you retoot, favourite or reply to this.

I found out about this site you can connect to Goodreads some people might like.

The basic premise is 2 things
1- check stats (you can see a gender divide in what you read. It did NOT work for mine though, and obviously gender binary is bullshit), and if you want like, ethnicity, you're not getting that.
2 - What I wanted more- put in your zip code, select your library, and see which books are on overdrive.

Some of you may get use out of it.

2. The most harmful thing someone I loved ever said to me was, "if you don't know [what you did wrong], that's the whole problem." And I'm autistic so eight years later, I'm still perseverating on it.

Don't ever fucking do this to someone; tell them, every time, explicitly, what you are hurt about. It took me years to re-center my self-image and not think there is something unidentifiably and innately wrong with who I am as a person.

Give us a chance to self-correct.

Does anyone else feel like having their own colourful sketchy portrait done? :bob_ross:


– $50 USD ($40 for inks only), payment accepted through Square Invoices
– 2500 x 2500 px High Res PNG file to make your own resizes
– A timelapse video of it being drawn in Procreate
– Drawn based on reference photos you provide

Email me at rheall [at] gmail [dot] com if you're interested! :da_w00t:

#CommissionMe #Commissions #ArtCommissions #ArtistForHire #MastoArt

Autism Acceptance Month Book Recs Show more

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Trail of Lightning -- Kai & Maggie, spoilers Show more

Trail of Lightning -- Kai & Maggie, spoilers Show more

Trail of Lightning -- Kai, spoilers Show more

Trail of Lightning -- Kai Show more

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