Some #accessibility tips for meetup organizers who have no budget, a thread!

First off, tell attendees about accessibility of your venue and event ahead of time, even when it's missing. For example, "Unfortunately, there are two steps at the entrance and no ramp."

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Lady Knight, Tamora Pierce

A re-read, but old favorites are worth re-reading. 😉

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The next book I want to tackle from my reading-to-learn list is Her Works Praise Her Name. It's a history of Jewish women in the US, and I got about half way through a couple years back before I needed to stop for health reasons.

I'll probably comment about this even more than I commented about 7Habits, because there is just a lot more to say.

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While I reread the previous books while I wait for Winter of the Witch to come out, I want to reflect on something and hopefully help others.

When I was younger I didn't read series until they were done. What if the series went bad?

I understand where I come from. Problem is, there's a worse problem from not reading (yes even from the library) the books as they come out: the series could get canceled due to lack of demand. Now you'll never know how it ends.

Read in the moment. .

Unnatural Issue, Mercedes Lackey

Dark Desire, Christine Feehan

The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People

(Catching up on stuff finished since the beginning of the year.)

Some rules:

Only recording books I read from beginning to end. Not stuff I start in the middle or don't finish.

Am recording re-reads, of which I expect there will be several (though they'll often fail the first criteria)

Try to record books the day I finish them (otherwise I'll probably forget!)

@zephasaurus_hex @lapis

Thinking about a conversation about book tracking with @zephasaurus_hex and @lapis I decided to try a small-scale tracking thing this year.

To keep it simple, and create a bit of accountability, I'm gonna toot each time I finish a book and tag it

If I ever have the sanity to put together one of the pretty spreadsheets full of data and graphs, I can just search the hashtag to find everything.

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