I couldn't remember why I had put a book on my "up next" list, but then I saw a review on goodreads that said "The author has something against men" and I knew to trust myself and buy it.

When I make an alt account for shitposting in Middle English, the bio will be "Of fartying and of speche daungerous"¹

¹ Miller's Tale, line 3,338

pessimism, Middle English 

This world nys but a thurghfare ful of wo,
And we been pilgrymes passynge to and fro.

I just remembered the plot to The Mayor of Casterbridge and it's like WHO HURT YOU, THOMAS HARDY?

In which the knight abruptly interrupts narrating a vicious duel to check in on what the duke was up to, basically inventing the smash cut. #CanterburyTales 

As wilde bores gonne they to smyte,
That frothen whit as foom for ire wood.
Up to the anclee foghte they in hir blood.
And in this wise I lete hem fightyng dwelle
And forth I wole of Theseus yow telle.

I gave my avi some books. Go read, little ghost.

How long after a book is published does it not require a CW for spoilers? Is 600 years enough?

📚 This is my booktoot account 📚

I typically read classics and (uhhh) literary fiction. Despite a habit of reading classics, there are huge swaths of "the classics" that I haven't read because I'm an unrepentant re-reader (though I'm working on doing that less).

After spending the last two years reading mostly post-1950 novels, I'm currently (slowly) making my way through The Canterbury Tales.

I will read every toot in the local timeline.

BookToot Club

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