anyone have any good recommendations for e-ink e-readers, preferably on the cheaper side? (other than kindle/nook/all those) please 'n thank you!!


i am aware of the open book project, but am lookin' for something with less...diyness. ideally something i can just dump a jailbreak on and call it a day. (both my current e-readers require soldering/extra parts to jailbreak)

@bentcent I haven't used it personally, but reMarkable 2.0 is getting a lot of press at the moment:

And it doesn't even need a jailbreak - you can SSH into it and install whatever you want out of the box as far as I'm aware.

@apetresc that's awesome, i didn't know about it, it looks amazing. unfortunately it's a bit outta what i can afford, but i'll def keep an eye on it for da future.

@bentcent I have no first-hand experience with the unit in this review, but it might be useful to you:

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