if on a winter's night a traveler you should go home, it's cold out.

does anyone have any reccs for authors with the magic realism weirdness style of murakami? stone gods by winterson really has what i love, but i'm not feeling it in her other books.

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finally got around to readin' gaiman lately, finished good omens and american gods, does anyone have any suggestions for others i should read, please?

slightly mh adjacent poem i read 

one of the best phrases i've ever read, in "Space Struck" from Paige Lewis.
"I'm the vice president of panic, and the president's missing."
[line breaks condensed]

finally got around to readin' Good Omens, finished about half in one sitting. kinda regret not gettin' it earlier, really enjoying it!!

it was described to me, in part, as "gay murakami" and i wholeheartedly agree.

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just started 'the stone gods' by jeanette winterson, really enjoyin' it so far!!

sharin' my reading list, anyone have any reccs out of these i should put on top of my pile?
The Stone Gods (Winterson)
Bats of the Republic (Dodson)
Docile (Szpara)
Paradise Rot (Hval)
The City in the Middle of Night (Anders)

just finished "revenge" by yoko ogawa, excellent "horror-ish" collection for spooky season. the book does get graphic, so be warned. i really enjoyed it, i've seen multiple people describe it as a "lethal ensnaring web" of a book, and after finishing it, i see how good that desciption is. i won't give spoilers, but the way the stories connect reminds me of silky threads.

violence, books, bad pun 

i've always been confused as to why book comes before club in book-club. i know if i were to club someone i'd sure book it after.

shoutout to the person who responded "it'll be fun" when i told them not to follow any faerie lights they see into the stacks of books. too bad i didn't ever see them leave.

just finished The Memory Police yesterday and finished The Postmortal, both are quite good. i really liked Memory Police, i love yoko ogawa's style, she's on her way to bein' one a' my favorite authors.

please note: my first shift was on indie bookstore day, a day of a large sale, and a day when many students were buying textbooks. it was certainly a trial by fire, but it was a blast.

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just finished my first shift at the bookstore, had the pleasure of selling a book from 1917. (amongst other old and interesting books).

i am aware of the open book project, but am lookin' for something with less...diyness. ideally something i can just dump a jailbreak on and call it a day. (both my current e-readers require soldering/extra parts to jailbreak)

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anyone have any good recommendations for e-ink e-readers, preferably on the cheaper side? (other than kindle/nook/all those) please 'n thank you!!

just interview'd for a job at a bookstore, wish me luck!!

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