spent way too much on books today, but ironically, a smaller used bookstore had more a' da books i was lookin' for, so there's that.

also i was able ta drink an' ungodly amount a' coffee an' read a ton, so all in all, great day.

@lapis i apologize for the @, but just wanted to thank ya' for the recc ta use thestorygraph, the thing's black magic. i got a bookstore bud who gives pretty good book reccs, and thestorygraph recc'd the same thing.

it was a very good recc. will be usin' thestorygraph a bunch in da future.

out of sheer curiosity, how do you all know where you left off in a book?

this is a random thought i just had:

was thinkin' about the difference between readin' a book in original vs. readin' translated, and how the translator puts their own connotations and lens on it.
then, if you learn a language an' read the original, you still have the lens of your own experiences and connotations.
an', this all meaning, even in your native language, every book you read is unique to you an' only you. which is kinda magic, when ya' think about it.

sorry for da long post

i'm cent and i made this account so i can post about books, bookstores, and other stuffs in a place that's not my main, and not clog it up.

favorite authors: vonnegut an' douglas adams (w/ some good ol' tolkien mix'd in)

favorite books: h2g2, cat's cradle, 'n the adventures of tom bombadil

will get aroun' to properly jailbreakin' my kindles one of these days, i swear

lover of da magiks of used bookstores

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