Whew, I need to stop being sick so that I can catch up on reading, lol.

I kept the same blog for 15 years. As of this morning I'm starting over from scratch. It's exciting but kinda bittersweet to say goodbye to the old ways.

However, I do really love my new domain: stream.weaver.wtf.

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@lapisNo, I haven't read that yet, but will add it to my list. And hey, nothing wrong with middle age books. Children's books are great too. Also, forgot to mention that I love reading Harry Potter fan fics.

@lapis I actualy rea everything. As long as the book can hold my interest then I will check it out. My favorites however are,

@rosa_pinguin I am currently reading The Search by Nora Roberts. I have read The Wrong Stranger by K. Lucas, book 1 of Devya's Children by Julie C. Gilbert, The Dying Butterfly by DL Fletcher, and Mrs. May is Well and Truly Dead by Sandy McKee just to name a few.

Good evening. My name is May Anderson. I'm a totally blind mom that loves to read! Late last year I started really getting into doing book reviews and have met some pretty cool people that way. Feel free to message and definitely give book recommendations, smiles.

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