A Wheel of Time TV adaptation is finally happening!

TV is definitely the format for it - it's too sprawling for movies. And unlike another epic fantasy series I can think of, the story's already done. (Early GoT convinced me that this sort of thing *could* be done on TV)


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@KelsonV I probably should've posted that here, but I'm never quite sure where to post stuff that overlaps topics (like TV adaptations of books).

Anyway, I really hope this turns out to be good. My wife & I have talked on many occasions about which books might make full seasons or half-seasons or should be interleaved if someone did a GoT-style TV adaptation.

And casting... OMG we were fan-casting back when the Buffy cast were in the right age range.

@KelsonV I don't plan on re-reading the series at this point, though. 14 looooong books that I've read already (and of which the middle four were...well, middling). I'd rather take that time to read something new, or re-read something shorter, or both.

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