I decided to try something different this month. Just sort of experimenting with what works and makes it easier for people to join in the discussion.

The result is that it's kind of long, so I'm just going to link to the full post on the Dreamwidth community.

Have fun! Please do pass this around to other book-loving types you know.


Week 3 (September 16-22): Seasonal Reading
A - Are there any books or types of books you associate with this season?
B - Do you have any particular reading trends or habits associated with this season?
C - Challenge! Try to find a book about or featuring the season and maybe even add it to your reading list.
D - Not *exactly* book related, but also: What season is it for you? What does that mean where you are?

A- I associate this season with YA, because it's relaxing and easy-to-read (and school starts to get busy like next month).
B- So basically I become a YA addict until I need a palette cleanser.
C- It feels like Ali Smith's "Autumn" is the obvious choice... but searching there's stuff by the Brontës, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (don't read Carry On), The Canterbury Tales?
D- Autumn supposedly. I can't tell. It means cheap honeycrisp apples and changing leaves.

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@zephasaurus_hex I kinda want to try drinking (hard) cider* this season. Are there books that go with that, other than the general idea of drunk reading something bad?

(Yes, as a filthy yankee I have to specify I mean hard cider and not spiced apple juice or something).

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@lapis Ha! I'm from Michigan and definitely grew up on and still enjoy non-alcoholic cider (and donuts!) every fall. I associate it with the season much more than the hard cider, though I like both.

...I feel like there *should* be books to go along with that, but nothing comes to mind right away.* I'll have to think about it.

*Other than matching books to specific theme ciders, like B Nektar's.

Zombie book + Zombie Killer cider, for example?

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@zephasaurus_hex @lapis B*Nektar!

1. I wonder when their American Gods beers are coming out (or maybe I missed them).
2. Wow, they have a lot more varieties than I've actually seen in stores. The ones I've had are really good!

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