BIG NEWS! Jonathan Coulton and I just launched the Kickstarter for a children's book called THE PRINCESS WHO SAVED HER FRIENDS! Please do check it out and spread the word!

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Hey! I’m editing an amazing book of #autistic people’s writing and art. 20 artists have produced essays, short stories, creative non fiction and illustrations. Publishing is an industry dominated by neurotypical voices and I wanted to create a space to showcase the talents of some amazing people.

But we need to hit 100% for it to happen. Come check the project out and consider preordering the book to guarantee its publication.

That sound CRTs make when you press the degausse button boost if u agree

I've started listening to the Graphic Audio adaptation of 52, and I can't get over Booster Gold's totally surfer accent, dude.

I'm still reading through , up to the 1980s, and another new book on my must-read list has come out. I think I'm going to skip September for , catch up on the pile a bit, then depending on what the October pick ends up being, either come back to the club selections at that point or pick up Dark Forest.

I didn't re-read Requiem. I still haven't picked up Rage of the Red Lanterns. (I'd forgotten the Alpha Lanterns were involved in Final Crisis.)

I also didn't re-read Legion of Three Worlds, which IIRC has nothing to do with Final Crisis except Superman passes through it between Superman: Beyond and his return to Final Crisis when Braniac 5 shows him the Miracle Machine. (3 versions of the LSH, none of which were the one that I actually followed).

I do want to re-read Multiversity now, though.

Rogues Revenge was in the works before Final Crisis, and it shows. It still works as Rogues: Rebirth, but now I think the FC connections hurt more than they help.

Revelations is a much tighter story that weaves in and out of issues 2 & 3 (if not seamlessly), picking up the Crime Bible & Vandal Savage and showing the early stages of Darkseid's takeover. I didn't read it originally, but I'm glad I finally got around to it.

After listening to the audio version, I re-read Final Crisis, Rogues Revenge & Superman Beyond, plus read some of the tie-ins for the first time.

- Superman Beyond is essential.
- Submit (Black Lightning/Tattooed Man) adds a lot by showing the personal impact of the event, plus fills in plot.
- Resist (Checkmate) broadens the scope but can be skipped. (I do like using the captive villain AIs as a way to get around the ALE's control of communication channels)

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Yesterday, I was cringing at the pronunciation of "Ultima Thule" in the audio adaptation of Final Crisis. Today I discovered (by accident) that they were pronouncing it right, and I've been pronouncing it wrong for years. 🤦‍♂️

A lot of that is probably the novelization it was based on (it credits the story only to Greg Cox, with no mention of Grant Morrison or any of the artists, which seems a shame), but I don't think it would work well as a book.

The voice acting, music and sound make up for a lot of the lost visual punch and visual structure of the story, and it needs more than just the words.

Finished listening to the Graphic Audio adaptation of FInal Crisis. It actually flows better than the comic, especially toward the end, when the comic starts fragmenting the narrative (which is great metatext, but there's a lot of "what just happened?"). Scenes are fleshed out, and the multi-flashback structure of the last chapter is made linear instead.

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One of the weird things about the Final Crisis audio book is that it incorporates *some* of the tie-ins, but excludes the one that sets up Mandrakk. Scenes showing what's happening to Batman in the Evil Factory are included, and all of the Black Lightning/Tattooed Man story from Submit...but nothing from Superman Beyond. It (or the novelization it's based on) actually replaces the Monitor who recruits Superman with Braniac 5, sending him off to L3W but not including it!

In Final Crisis, the Anti-Life Equation is able to compel the surrender of free will. Those who have submitted spout slogans about how it justifies anything, how it's so much easier than the struggles of life and love.

It's insidious, because in some ways it *is* easier to offload tough decisions to a schedule, a policy, a leader, etc. The brain likes taking shortcuts around cognitive load. But people want to be *able* to make choices when they want to.

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