This sounds absolutely horrible and I hope it will be as entertaining as and not as disturbing as .

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We* recently finished reading The Truth About Animals by Lucy Cooke and it was amazing. It was so fun so if you want to be entertainted/traumatized by some animal facts I highly recommend it and yes, I WILL link to Goodreads, sue me.

*I didn't read, I was being read to.

2 - Pick the first 3 books you see on your shelf or app and sell us on them.

Eh... I can only try to sell you on one because the other two are awful. No Such Thing As Werewolves is just bad and Prophet's Prey has a disgusting subject matter.
The book about aninmals, though, is amazing! Did you know we still don't know how eels procreate and people had the wildest theories over time? I got it read to me yesterday and of the ~30min I laughed about 35 😆

If that's not art then I don't know what is.
Also: this position is only possible if she has 3m long arms!

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Good thing I'm not reading while on my phone today because I need that gif again.
I should note that they met Cora three days ago.

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"But then, there were now three men - three men who hadn't just taken my physically, but had also gotten deep in my heart."

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is prepared for August. I need to update some genres because I can't use any of them for my Daddy Adventures.
I also have to find out how to get rid of the "can't divide by 0" thing because that looks ugly.

31. A Book That Makes You Want To Write

None of them. I don't want to write.

30. The Book You Were Reading Most Recently

I listened to Home by Nnedi Okorafor today while doing the dishes, I read last night in bed and someone read Prophet's Prey by Sam Bower to me for an hour yesterday over Discord.

28. A Book That Helped You Understand Yourself

Quiet by Susan Cain.
I still don't understand my brain but at least I now get the introvert side of things.

27. Favorite Quote/Line From A Book

I don't have those. Maybe Shrill by Lindy West from start to finish because it's all important.

26. A Popular Book/Series That's Just Not Your Thing

Any YA novel ever. I just can't.

25. A Book Or Series You've Written Fanfic For... If Only In Your Head

The Golgotha series by RS Belcher. In my head and about Jon Highfather because I had the biggest crush on him while reading it.
I don't actually write anything down, I'm not a writer. (Of fiction. I AM a writer of masses of toots.😁 )

When did that happen that when I see a cover like this I go "YES! I NEED TO READ THIS! IT LOOKS AWFUL!"?

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