@Julia oookay, that's an exceptionally good suggestion list, hardly any I would say no to :)

@Virelai Right?! Your suggestions were so good, I took some popular ones that didn't quite make it from the last polls and I added some GR Choice Awards finalists I actually want to read. :fingerguns:

@Julia <33 That's awesome! This month wasn't a great reading month for me, all hopes for december! :)

@Virelai My reading has been truly abysmal this year.
I think that's because the dude lives far away so I can't silently sit next so him and read but I actually have to constanly keep talking which is a problem. I have to talk to him about that. I'm getting no reading and no knitting done because in my "free" time (aka when he's asleep) I do things I have to do, adulting things. -.-

@Julia yes - that's definitely a change to everyday life, especially when you had a lot of me time before to do all those things. I regularly need some me-time but as you said, when you can physically hang out together it's easy to do things on your own but still be close. But - as long as your filling time with things (or humans) you love - it's okay if you can't keep up with 2017-Julia or 2016-Julia in that regard - I'm sure you two will figure something out! <3 *hugsies*

@Virelai Maybe we can implement some us-time with the webcam on but both doing our thing. 🤔
I mean, he reads to me so I COULD knit but I get distracted by his pretty face so that's on me. 😆
We'll figure it out.
🤗 <3

@Julia yeah, that could work :) Seems like all you need to do is get bored by his face - super easy task, riiiiight? :D hehehehe, you two are cuties :blobaww:!

@Virelai You'd think by now I'd be bored by his mug but I told him yesterday that he gets prettier every time and it's very rude because I can't work like that!
Stupid pretty face... 😠

@Julia super rude! So if you're serious about the reading/knitting thing - just have him put on a mask! :D Webcamming with a gorilla or horse face surely won't be distracting at all! Problem solved! Yay me!


@Virelai You're so smart 😮 Perfect solution, 10/10!

@Julia Your so welcome! Anything I can do to help! 🤓

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