Hello and welcome to the next book I'll livetoot. It's called and you should definitely filter that. 😁


"They call me a beast, though I was a prince once."
My prediction: it's a hunky, tattooed royal who is the black sheep of the family and became a rockstar instead of participating in the royal stuff.

Ah good, he sees the "far too sweet, far too innocent" Princess Isla and wants to "possess" her. This is fine and not creepy at all.

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This sounds absolutely horrible and I hope it will be as entertaining as and not as disturbing as .

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The names are... something.
Isla and Logan are the protagonists. Ilana and Imogen are her sisters and Magnus, Cade and Caspian are his bros.

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@Julia Is there a chapter about the princess having breakfast with her parents?

Not yet but the princesses got dressed together. Does that count?

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