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I feel like I should say this: I'm not following non-book accounts with this account. It's not because I hate you, I just want to keep my home timeline here book-related.
If you super duper like me come follow and if you super duper like me and we've actually talked to each other before follow @Julia. :fingerguns:

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I guess I should do some , eh?

I used to read a lot (mostly fantasy and scifi) but over the years I went from >100 books/year to 34 last year. Unfortunately that has not deterred me from accumulating even more books. It's a problem, y'all!
I'm hoping being part of this instance is going to motivate me to read more again.

Have touched the first book in months two days ago:
"I'll Be Gone In The Dark" by Michelle McNamara.
The older I get the more often I just go for non-fiction.

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Okay, friends, time to throw suggestions for November at me.
Not more than two per person, please.
You have until Friday and then voting will be until Sunday.

Okay, friends, time to throw suggestions for November at me.
Not more than two per person, please.
You have until Friday and then voting will be until Sunday.

Reading about dead people while the leaves are dying. 😍

Ugh, I need to do editing today but I really don't want to listen to my own voice.

13min which is still not great. The English language sucks!

I'm especially bad at reading today so I now have a 17min file that will probably end up being 11min. UUUUGH!

The laptop is not a fan but as long as the phone and the big computer are fine with the mic that's okay.

The mic is here and I'm about to start recording for realsies. Wish me luck that it all works out.

That non-native speaker feeling when you know what words mean because you've been reading them for years but while reading aloud you suddenly realize you don't know how they're pronounced.
This toot has been sponsored by "cymbals".
(My stab in the dark was correct but hooboy, was that stressful.)

Note to self: don't record in bed or don't move. I can't edit out all this rustling. -.-

I lied, I watched Big Brother instead because I don't want to listen to myself.

Time to edit some porn.
It's killing me that I can't livetoot it but it would spoil the book for the person I'm recording this for.

Why do I remember always a day too late? Brain, what's up?

Okay, I'm going with #ReadingAloudIsHardYall and will complain about it over on @Julia to save you all the trouble of having to put it into a filter for this account.

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I think I may have found a porn book that is the right amout of ridiculous and actually good?
Is that a thing? Is that even possible?

"A girl always remembers the first corpse she shaves." Strong start πŸ˜‚

I'm going to repeat:
I'm sorry I didn't do the poll this month but most people have suggested by Caitlin Doughty anyway and it seems like a good fit for Spooktober.

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